ArcTanGent Festival 2020

at Fernhill Farm, Compton Martin
£70.08 - £215.60

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ArcTanGent is a critically acclaimed, independent festival and since 2013 we’ve been delivering line-ups you won’t find anywhere else on Earth.

Here is a quick list of some things you might want to know about us…

The festival takes place from August 20th – 23rd on the idyllic Fernhill Farm near Bristol, UK.

We were winner of Best Small Festival at the UK Festival Awards 2018 and we were also shortlisted for the Best Line-up award.

Our 90+ acts play across four alternating stages on a relatively compact site, so there is no chance of missing your favourite band.

We have surely the friendliest and most chilled audience you’ll find at any festival.

Camping is included for the whole weekend or you can upgrade to several glamping options if you want to experience the festival in style.

We put a huge amount of effort into sourcing the best food traders a festival can buy. And we promise you’ll love our range of independent and local breweries.

Every night ends with our infamous silent disco from 11pm to 3am. Trust us, this has to be seen to be believed!

NME.com says that “ArcTanGent is essential” and “a weekend escape like no other on offer”. Whilst Metal Hammer magazine says that ATG is “three days of expansive exhilaration” and we are “a haven of progressive music across the spectrum of all things heavy”.

Come and escape reality for a few days and join the ATG family.

Please visit arctangent.co.uk/ for more information.



Opeth appearing at this event

A perfect mix of several metal styles, with progressive and death metal cited as the most important. Formed in 1990, Opeth have had several radical lineup changes, with Mikael Akerfeldt as the consistent frontman throughout. Opeth are most famed for the heartfelt and poetic nature of their songs, and the influences that come from jazz and blues as well as the overt death metal foundation upon which the band is built.

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TesseracT appearing at this event

TesseracT is a progressive metal band from Reading, that uses math metal, djent, and technical metal elements in their music. Fans will often focus on the quintets time signatures and musical complexity, but TesseracT are far from an exclusionary exercise in tech/extreme prog metal pomposity. They fully embrace their experimental, prog sensibility without excessive indulgence or pretentiousness; delivering atmospheric, metallic songs that stir strong emotions and evoke powerful mental images. All of which, they argue, is at the core surprisingly simple. Since the formation of their five-piece line-up in Spring 2007, have picked up richly deserved props from peers (Textures, Meshuggah) and press alike (Metal Hammer, Rock Sound, Scuzz).

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This Will Destroy You

This Will Destroy You appearing at this event

Instrumental rock from Texas. Guitarists Chris King and Jeremy Galindo, bass player and keyboardist Donovan Jones, and drummer Alex Bhore typically compose lengthy atmospheric instrumental pieces, featuring layers of effects-laden guitar and a heavy usage of dynamics.

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Amenra appearing at this event

A five piece, hardcore / sludge band from Belgium. The band's unique musical style, characterised by brooding atmospheres and spiritual intensity, is rooted in doom metal, hardcore punk and post-rock. Their live performances, accompanied by visual art, have been described as 'entrancing communions'.

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Perturbator appearing at this event

Perturbator is the pseudonym of James Kent, an electronic / synthwave musician from Paris, France. He has a background as a guitar player in several black metal bands

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Rolo Tomassi

Rolo Tomassi appearing at this event

25 second assaults alternate with 10 minute sick and twisted trilogies, self destruction, carnage, power, and energy. Over the top of it a girl howls and screams her throat to blood and shreds over moving and powerful, yet meaningless lyrics. It's like a shark attack experience, where you'll find your self mentally swimming in the calm melody before you're hurled through a short, sharp blast of speed and aggression, suddenly you can catch your breath in some sort of oxygen pocket until you're finally ripped up again by the bands variety, unpredictability and ingenious self expression.

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Earthtone9 appearing at this event

Excellent alternative metal band who received critical acclaim from the music press in the 90s. Now reformed and touring again with their blistering full-on stage show.

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Giraffes? Giraffes!

Giraffes? Giraffes! appearing at this event

Guitar and drums duo Giraffes? Giraffes! have been expanding the conception of math-rock and experimental-pop since their explosion into the San Francisco Bay area in 2005. As part of the west-coast math-rock pioneers, many consider their second album 'More Skin With Milk-Mouth' to be one of the quintessential albums that helped popularise the genre. With every new release, they continually make music that is both melodic and technical, experimental yet accessible- their innovative compositions and energetic live performances are known internationally to be both transcendental and incredible fun.

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Frontierer appearing at this event

Based across Scotland, Portugal and America, Frontierer has progressed from an online project between Pedram Valiani and Chad Kapper to a live band promoting a 'for free' music model and a convenience-based performance schedule. With the 1st birthday of their debut album 'Orange Mathematics' recently passed, Frontierer seeks to punish as many corners of the globe as is feasible by adopting a selective, limited performance rota. This is a rare opportunity to see live music with a 'zero bullsh*t' approach. The band performed their first live debut at UK Tech Metal Fest in July of 2016, paving the way for further live opportunities in 2017 and 2018. Frontierer's second album is nearing completion.

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GosT appearing at this event

A dark, electronic artist from Texas, this synthwave solo project channels a fascination with the occult, John Carpenter and 80's slasher flicks.

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Raketkanon appearing at this event

Raketkanon's music is a combination of sludge, experimental drift and chaotic psychedelica. Think Melvins meets Tomahawk by way of early Butthole Surfers — Down tuned guitars, deformed vocals and droney bass synths, coupled with an ear for great songs, make Raketkanon one of the most interesting bands in Europe today. The four piece band are based in Ghent, Belgium.

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Scalping appearing at this event

Scalping are the Bristol outfit of James Rushforth, Alexander Hill, Isaac Jones and Jamie Thomas, armed with a battery of squelching synths, animalistic rhythms and gritty, piercing guitars. Scalping craft truly unique music, informed by Hill’s deep knowledge of idiosyncratic electronics, Jones’ tendency towards instrumental hooks, Rushforth’s Bristolian techno and Thomas’ doom metal influences. They formed in 2017 through a love of Bristol’s visionary off-the-wall dance music and full throttle noise and punk.

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((OHHMS)) appearing at this event

A progressive sludge band with coarse vocals screaming about veganism and animal rights.

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Svalbard appearing at this event

Untamed melodic alt hardcore from Bristol.

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Alpha Male Tea Party

Alpha Male Tea Party appearing at this event

A three piece Alternative band from Liverpool, they combine the scope and intensity of groups like Battles and Blakfish with the mad-cap divinations of Devo. For a genre and scene that can wallow in pretension, AMTP stand out with their surrealist mores; humourous song titles, unsubtle dress sense and a nod to weirder sides of life. They have so far played alongside the likes of Adebisi Shank, And So I Watch You From Afar, Tubelord and many more.

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Stake appearing at this event

The music is loud, hard, and uncompromising - something that has been carried on from the band's previous incarnation 'Steak Number Eight'. Right up-to their metamorphosis to Stake, the band were selling out Belgium’s biggest venues, played every serious rock festival across mainland Europe, and had been on the road supporting the likes of Mastodon, Dillinger Escape Plan, and Deftones. A brand new chapter with an unseen energy, producing a unique hyper atmospheric and grunge-influenced melodic post-metal is now upon them.

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Boss Keloid

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Body Hound

Body Hound appearing at this event

Featuring ex-members of both Rolo Tomassi and Antares, four piece Body Hound are Sheffield’s newest instrumental shredders. Having formed in late 2013, Body Hound continute to turn heads with their unique sound whilst sharing the stage alongside the likes of Deafheaven, Crash Of Rhinos, Enemies and Alright The Captain. Their music an intelligent series of demanding complexities and vigorous song structures; it’s clear why the Northern quartet have been so well received within the alternative live scene.

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Vasa appearing at this event

Vasa are a 4-piece instrumental rock band from Glasgow. Merging the ambience and crushing crescendos of post rock with the finger tapping and time changes of math rock, Vasa have been making noise all over Scotland since January 2012.

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Luo appearing at this event

An electronic / Post-rock / downtempo / experimental four piece band from Brighton.

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TankEngine's sound is quirky and unique whilst remaining in the pop/rock or more so rock/pop category. Influences are a fusion of popular bands, chewed up and spat out. If you tried hard you could pick elements from Ash, Alanis, Coldplay, Oasis, Queen and No Doubt.

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Also Appearing

Quail vs Kenny, Curse These Metal Hands, BRIQUEVILLE, FES, The K., Mountain Caller

Fernhill Farm

  • Cheddar Road
  • Compton Martin
  • BS40 6LD


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