SunceBeat 9


This event has been and gone.

One of the most diverse and friendliest festivals in the European calendar, SuncéBeat Festival will return to the beautiful setting of The Garden, Tisno in Croatia next 18th-25th July for an all encompassing week long gathering of house, disco, techno, soul, R&B and funk.

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Kerri Chandler

Kerri Chandler appearing at this event

One of the original creators of the deep US house sound, and a true innovator within dance music.

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Roger Sanchez

Roger Sanchez appearing at this event

One of house music's most enduring and prolific DJs. He has been going since the early 1980s and is credited with bringing the deck skills of hip-hop to house music, incorporating scratch mixing and that all important third turntable.

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Little Louie Vega

Little Louie Vega appearing at this event

Louie is a Master at Work. His achievements are nothing short of immense with a rich musical tapestry that spans the cross-cultural soundwaves of house, Latin, classic disco, Afro-beat, jazz, hip-hop and soul.

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Motor City Drum Ensemble

Motor City Drum Ensemble appearing at this event

Aka producer Danillo Plessow, currently one of the world's most in-demand selectors, plays a blistering, genre-hopping combination of house, disco, world music and techno. He also runs the esteemed MCDE Recordings imprint which has seen releases from the likes of Harvey Sutherland and Plessow himself.

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Jeremy Underground

Famed for his Parisian parties and his label 'My Love Is Underground'.

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Joey Negro

Joey Negro appearing at this event

Joey Negro is the most well known pseudonym of master British DJ, producer and remixer Dave Lee. Under a plethora of other monikers including Jakatta, Akabu, Doug Willis, Raven Maize, The Sunburst Band, Sessomatto and Z Factor, Dave was one of the first artists to incorporate disco samples in house music when he began his production career in 1990. Indeed, he was in the studio making credible and outstanding British House music when many luminaries around him were still busy getting to grips with their decks.

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Vocalist and multi-instrumentalist from St Louis, Missouri. Osunlade is an artist who creates unified melodies manifested with balance, life and wisdom. Now known for his legendary DJ and live shows, remixes and albums including several mix CDs, Osunlade has placed himself on solid ground maintaining his reputation of unparallel quality in music.

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Jayda G

Jayda G appearing at this event

Hailing from Vancouver, spending her time between Canada and Berlin, Jayda is the co-founder of 'Freakout Cult' record label and Vancouver based party with DJ Fett Burger of Sex Tags Mania / Sex Tags UFO. Her productions on there have been setting dance floors alight with support all the way to the top including DJ Harvey playing her 'NYC Party Track' out.

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Purple Disco Machine

Purple Disco Machine are the inventors of Deep Funk. Firing on all cylinders, there's no sign of the production line slowing down anytime soon.

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Mr Scruff

Mr Scruff appearing at this event

Initially inspired by the 2 Tone sound, the now legendary Ninja Tune DJ, Mr Scruff is famed for his awesome hip-hop sound, his epic six-hour sets and his sense of the comic. His sets are a mixture of deck-related wizardry and animated tom-foolery and will leave even the most hardened of anti-dance music critics grinning and boogieing the night away.

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DJ Spen

DJ Spen appearing at this event

One of NYC's finest DJs, who divides his time between producing and remixing the Basement Boys, DJing a nationwide US mix show and performing in clubs around the world.

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Karizma appearing at this event

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Grant Nelson

Grant Nelson appearing at this event

DJ with Swing City Records.

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Anane Vega

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Jamie 3:26

Chicago house veteran Jamie 3:26 started DJing way back in 1987. With a deep vinyl collection that covers every inch of the disco, house and soul spectrum, he regularly plays with the likes of Mr Scruff, The Black Madonna, Theo Parrish, Mike Huckaby and Marcel Vogel. But it’s not just his DJ career that demands a huge amount of respect; his excellent productions have found a home on the likes of Rush House, Local Talk, Lumberjacks in Hell and of course his own imprint 3:26.

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Rich Medina

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Red Greg

Red Greg is one of the worlds most acclaimed DJs of soulful disco and boogie, having worked the decks at Maxim’s, Mona and Club Sandwich in Paris, and at Love Chant in New York. In London he has played at Back 2 Boogie and Soul Brew, as well as running his own party, Ebonite. He has DJed alongside such luminaries as Paul Trouble Anderson, Jazzie B, and Sean P.

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Sadar Bahar

Sadar Bahar appearing at this event

Sadar Bahar jokingly describes his vinyl-buying habit as a "30-year disease, a sickness." Driven by an "unquenchable desire to create one of the best collections ever," he filled his home with records, and once his home was full, he began storing them in his mother's basement. Speaking to Rush Hour last year, Bahar admitted to owning as many as nine copies of a single record. His collection includes plenty of exceedingly rare wax—he once told CDR of a ten-year quest to find a copy of Open Soul by Tomorrow's People. There's also no shortage of other DJs playing music they first heard in a Sadar Bahar set. Theo Parrish, who describes Bahar's DJing as "sick, sick, sick," freely admits to "biting" his selections, while Dego simply calls his sets "ridiculous." Bahar's schooling, like many Chicago DJs of his generation, came from watching Ron Hardy in action at the Music Box. "Every time you went to see Ron Hardy, you'd come away with knowledge and having had a good time," he said to CDR. Years later, he noticed that standards had slipped: many of the city's DJs were shopping at the same record stores and playing the same music. This spurred him to go the opposite route, digging harder and deeper than his contemporaries. It's an approach that has come to define him, and it feeds into Soul In The Hole, the party he runs with Lee Collins. The music played at those vinyl-only parties is a joyous blend of disco, soul and gospel. In 2012, the UK label BBE issued a Soul In The Hole compilation, a killer selection that brought Collins and Bahar's sound to the world.

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A singer and songwriter from south west London, Rocco has been singing from a young age and has performed and headlined at some of London’s most prestigious venues.

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Matt 'Jam' Lamont

A pioneer, respected DJ, an accomplished producer/remixer, label / A&R manager and radio presenter, Matt ‘Jam’ Lamont has been an intrinsic part of the UK Dance scene from its very inception.

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Norris 'Da Boss' Windross

Norris is one of the longest serving and most influential UK Garage DJs. He is renowned for playing funky sets, which along with his high standard of mixing, create high quality memorable sets that rock. He has the skill and expertise to tear it up wherever he plays. His background in the House and Garage scene extenuates his popularity

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East London producer extraordinaire and leading Garage DJ. Influenced by reggae and 70s and 80s soul, Masterstepz has remixed tracks for Celetia and Kele Le Rock amongst others and once toured Europe as a dancer for Public Enemy.

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Ronnie Herel

Ronnie Herel appearing at this event

A champion of urban music and resident DJ for Funk at London's Sound club and on BBC 1Xtra. Ronnie is also a recording artist and his first record, Quartz – It's too Late, reached No 8 in the UK charts in 1991.

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Terry Jones (DJ)

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Craig Smith

Resident DJ for Substantial at La Belle Angele.

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Neil Pierce

Neil Pierce appearing at this event

Soul Heaven DJ.

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Paul 'Trouble' Anderson

Paul 'Trouble' Anderson appearing at this event

Born in East London, but having grown up in childrens homes all over England, Paul 'Trouble' Anderson was a DJ, producer and artist who was instrumental in the London Dance scene.

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Gordon Mac

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Also Appearing

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