A Night In With Pippa Evans

A Night In With Pippa Evans

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Come join comedian, improvisor and author of Improv Your Life: An Improviser’s Guide To Embracing Whatever Life Throws At You, Pippa Evans, for a fun session introducing you to the principles of improvisation. Pippa has performed improvised comedy around the world and is a master of thinking on her feet.

This interactive workshop will show you just how creative you are, the power of co-creation and how our best ideas are usually the most obvious ones.

Pippa takes us through the key stages of improvisation from knowing when to say “yes” (and when to say “no”) to working as part of a team, from helping to release our creative potential to learning how to embrace the moment. At a time where nothing is certain, she shows us how improv can help us learn to adapt – quickly and positively – to whatever life throws at us. A precious opportunity to reflect and look at life through a different angle, while unleashing your creativity and learning how mistakes can lead you into spectacular adventures.

Pippa is a wonderful trainer and, whatever your level of experience with improv is, this is definitely an opportunity you don't wanna miss! - Mafalda, Online workshop participant 2020

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Pippa Evans

Pippa Evans appearing at this event

British comedienne and one of the founding members of the touring improv team behind Showstopper! The Improvised Musical, Pippa first emerged on the comedy scene with an incredibly successful Edinburgh Fringe Festival where her debut solo show, Pippa Evans And Other Lonely People, was nominated for the if.comedy Best Newcomer Award 2008. In 2009 she unleashed her alter-ego, psychotic American country and western singer Loretta Maine. 'Delightfully deranged' (Metro) 'Truly impressive one-liners...inspired, quotable pearls of wisdom. Fine comic writing underpins her flawless, perfectly timed performance. She’s a relative newcomer, but has certainly got the talent for a sustained and stellar career in comedy' (Chortle). '... probably one of the most talented performers at Edinburgh this year' (The Independent, 2009).

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