Loud Women Fest 4

at The Dome, London

This event has been and gone.

The 4th annual Loud Women Fest will be held on 14 September 2019, back at The Dome and the Boston Music Room. As ever, the Fest will showcase the very best alternative music powered womxn and non-binary musicians, and give those artists access to a far-reaching, global platform.

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Brighton 2-piece garage rock band ARXX bring soaring melodies, fused with punky vibes. They've been making waves in the grrrl riot scene.

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Hurtling appearing at this event

Hurtling are Alt-Rock trio Jen Macro, Jon Clayton and Simon Kobayashi, who create soundscapes from the atmospheric to the psychedelic, from noise pop to dream gaze, making luscious sun-drenched slices of noise pop. Influences include The Breeders, Sebadoh, Elliott Smith, and Sonic Youth to name a few, as well as reflecting the dreamy, hazy atmospheres of My Bloody Valentine.

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Nervous Twitch

Nervous Twitch is a garage punk band from Leeds born out of the ashes of Dirty Water label band The Despondents.

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Peach Club

Peach Club appearing at this event

Peach Club is a four-piece Riot Grrrl band from Norwich. As a feminist left wing band, Katie, Amanda, Becca and Charlie are four girls who just want to use their powerful art form to promote equality for all.

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Petrol Girls

Petrol Girls appearing at this event

Petrol Girls are a feminist post-hardcore band based in South East London. Their music combines manic jagged rhythms with vocals that range from furious screaming to intricate melodies and harmonies. They are known for their explosive live performances, with influences such as: Refused, White Lung, Bikini Kill, RVIVR, Propagandhi, At The Drive In and War On Women. Petrol Girls formed in 2013 for an international women's day gig, identify explicitly as a feminist band and draw on personal experiences to challenge and ridicule sexism, as well as exploring wider political themes, such as alienation, mental health and the current anti-austerity movement.

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Personal Best

Personal Best appearing at this event

Personal Best are a Newport/Bristol band featuring Katie from Bedford Falls, El, Tom and Jay. They play perfect punk-pop songs, with a sound indepted to bands like Superchunk, Best Coast and The Muffs, but filled with their own super melodic spirit. "A short but sweet set of indie-pop tunes featuring fuzzy guitar riffs, great melodic hooks, a powerful rhythm section and a nostalgic sense of adolescent longing" - Fear Of Fiction.

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The Baby Seals

A 'parody punk empowerpop' band from Cambridge.

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The Menstrual Cramps

Formed in a broken bedroom in Bristol, on the verge of homelessness, and rife with anger, The Menstrual Cramps were born. Politics on the brain and injustices surrounding them, they jumped ship to a dive in London and recorded their debut album ‘We’re Not Ovaryacting’ on distorted acoustic guitars, calling on the world to ‘Save the Badgers’, and ‘Cull the Tories’. They are on a mission to ‘Make Girls Feel Good’, empower all womxn and end inequality and injustices across the world

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Also Appearing

Gaptooth, GGAllan Partridge, Pleasure Venom, Secondhand Underpants, The Cleopatras

The Dome

  • 2a Dartmouth Park Hill
  • Tufnell Park
  • London
  • NW5 1HL