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Utgard European Tour


Enslaved appearing at this event

Formed in 1991 by Ivar Bjornson and Grutle Kjellson in Norway, Enslaved (the name was inspired by an Immortal demo track, Enslaved in Rot) quickly became a hit in the extreme black metal circles of Northern Europe. Surviving several line up changes and relentless touring, the band's 200 album 'Mardraum' sent shock waves through the extreme metal scene and cemented their reputation as leaders and innovators of black metal. Their style has changed over the years and they now perform a more experimental and progressive form of black metal.

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Intronaut appearing at this event

A four piece metal band from Los Angeles who began in 2003 and have toured with bands such as Cult Of Luna and Mastodon.

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Obsidian Kingdom

Obsidian Kingdom is a rare bird in today's music scene: unconventional and ever-challenging, the quintet from Barcelona is equally comfortable performing in big open air festivals as in museums for contemporary art. Featuring a heavy and intense sound with plenty of contrast, its main features are the use of multiple sonic resources in order to portray a wide range of emotions, a deep interest in aesthetics and the mise-en-scène, and the sombre and cryptic quality of the lyrical topics.

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Crown started out in 2011 as 2 men and a drum machine, and their debut album instantly got them an invitation to the prestigious Roadburn festival in 2013, and a record deal with Candlelight. The duo's early sound was defined by hissing electronics, soaring heavy guitars and the absence of “real” drums, touching on industrial metal acts like Godflesh, Ministry or Killing Joke.

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