Angelic Upstarts

at The Holroyd Arms, Guildford

Undercover Festival 9 (April 2021)

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Undercover Festival, a genuine, small, proudly independent musical celebration of alternative music including punk, post punk, Ska, acoustic and much more.

Angelic Upstarts

Angelic Upstarts appearing at this event

Classic punk four-piece from South Shields. The Angelic Upstarts make rowdy, angry and feisty punk, the way it was made in the first place. Having been playing together since the late seventies, these guys know both their punk and their politics.

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Roddy Radiation & The Skabilly Rebels

Roddy Radiation & The Skabilly Rebels appearing at this event

Roddy Radiation, the main man with The Specials, is back bringing his 2-Tone sound to a new generation.

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Random Hand

Random Hand appearing at this event

Formed in Keighley, West Yorkshire, Random Hand have spent the last decade tearing full throttle through the UK with their ferocious, in your face ska-punk-metal mashup. Stops along the way in the USA, Canada, Russia and mainland Europe have enhanced their relentless UK touring. "These guys take influence from the 3rd wave ska of bands like Less Than Jake and Sublime and mix it in with the more skate punk type stuff like early Offspring, NOFX and Lagwagon and some helpings of of thrash metal used in the same way Sum 41 did to make their personal brand, using it’s minor chord tendencies to make a more serious and aggressive form of ska than many of their influences. They aren’t breaking any boundaries, but they tick all the boxes for a f***king great ska band with raucous energy and some righteous trombone" - Alt Corner

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999 appearing at this event

One of the original punksters from the summer of '77 - and are still angry after all these years!

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XSLF appearing at this event

Henry Cluney and Jim Reilly both original ex member's of seventies Belfast punk band Stiff Little Fingers, have now gotten together and formed XSLF.

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Rubella Ballet

Rubella Ballet, constructed around the enduring nucleus of Sid Truelove and Zillah Minx, formed at a gig in 1979 when Crass invited their audience to use their equipment. The newly formed group took to the road with Crass and the Poison Girls, quickly establishing a unique niche and standing out from the multitudes in black combat wear with their vibrant visual image. After reforming in the late 1990s, recent gigs have shown that their power continues undiminished, with an original, atmospheric black UV light show and performances that continues to defy stereotypes. Their songs that have politically and ethically more than stood the test of time, highlighting the groundbreaking nature of Rubella Ballet’s original stage show, music and ideas.

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Paranoid Visions

Irish anarcho DIY punks who formed in 1981. They've since supported the likes of the Damned, Manic Street Preachers, Snuff and the Sex Pistols on their Filthy Lucre tour.

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Rage DC

Rage DC appearing at this event

Rage DC are a hard-hitting punk rock 4-piece spread from London to Reading. Catchy tunes, yell-along lyrics and a nun-tight attitude to performance, you'll find it hard to forget these guys

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Strawberry Blondes

Strawberry Blondes appearing at this event

A punk rock'n'roll band play short energetic songs.

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Chaos UK

Chaos UK appearing at this event

Chaos UK are a hardcore punk band formed in 1979 in Portishead, near Bristol. They are associated with legendary Bristol label Riot City Records and played their part in revolutionising the hardcore punk scene at the time with their raucous, energetic, oft-political and in-your-face take on punk. They continued dragging pre-crust punk kicking and screaming through the 80s and 90s to the present day with ranting commentary about the state of society which remains ever more poignant today as it was back then. Expect high-energy, noisy, thrashy pogo-punk songs, with crackling guitar submerged behind a super-quick rhythm section, all to a shouty growling vocal to get both excited and angry to all at the same time.

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The Flying Alexanders

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The Mistakes

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A four piece, punk rock band from Birmingham who 'exist as a counter-reaction to shoddy attitudes, rock star egos and placing of people on pedestals'.

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No Lip

'Englands Foremost Punk Rock Band'.

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The Charred Hearts

Charred Hearts are an old school UK Punk band hailing from Swindon in the Southwest. Originally called The Corpses, they formed in 1981. They were came together from the remnants of their previous two bands, The BCG's and Static Annoyers.

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Stone Heroes

Stone Heroes are a post punk band formed late 2012. Band Members: Janine Ray, Vocals. Louise King, Rhythm Guitar. Fleagle, Guitars and Synth. Dave Leak, Lead Guitar. Stuart De Fraine Ford, Drums. Terry Finch, Bass.

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Great three piece from Surrey, Wipes play garage punk /indie, extremely noisy, but always with a tune. Energetic, raw and melodic.

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The Fanzines

Classic British punk rock covers of '76 - '81.

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Also Appearing

Ambition Demolition, Diablo furs, Crash Induction, Sinful Maggie, Deadlock Uk, RED Anger, Actifed, East Town Pirates

The Holroyd Arms

  • 36 Aldershot Road
  • Guildford
  • GU2 8AF


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