EDP Vilar De Mouros 2019


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EDP Vilar de Mouros is a long-running music festival that takes place in the Caminha district of northwestern Portugal.

First held in 1965, the festival was seen by some as Portugal's answer to Woodstock, and over the last five decades it has been brought joy to music fans from across the country.

With a primary focus on indie and alternative acts, Vilar de Mouros has welcomed everyone from U2 and The Stranglers in the 1980s to Primal Scream, Incubus and Editors in recent years.

Please visit www.edpvilardemouros.pt/ for more information.


Prophets Of Rage

Prophets Of Rage appearing at this event

Prophets of Rage is an American rap rock supergroup. Formed in 2016, the group consists of three members of Rage Against the Machine, two members of Public Enemy, and rapper B-Real of Cypress Hill.

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Skunk Anansie

Skunk Anansie appearing at this event

Aggressive in-your-face indie/metal band fronted by the inimitable Skin; whose rise to stadium rocksters surprised many pundits but was well deserved. After touring extensively worldwide with a huge variation of bands from U2 to Therapy?, the 'amalgam of heavy metal and black feminist rage' disbanded, with Skin leading a solo career until Skunk Anansie reformed in 2009. Since regrouping after an eight-year hiatus, the band have gone from strength to strength. Their 2010 album, Wonderlustre, saw the band combine their trademark raw rock riffs, deep funk, frenetic drumwork and lush vocals with more confidence and maturity than ever before. They continued to build their sound with 2017's Anarchytecture, and in 2019 they celebrated 25 years in the business with the career-spanning live album 25Live@25.

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Gogol Bordello

Gogol Bordello appearing at this event

Gypsy meets punk-rock as Gogol Bordello bridges the gap between Eastern European and Western culture. Their meteoric live shows have earned them a solid reputation as "the hottest global touring act to come out of New York (Billboard)" and "the world's most riotous live band (Rolling Stone).” Their wildly energetic live shows are celebrated by fans worldwide and have brought them to nearly every corner of the globe. Frontman Eugene Hutz founded Gogol Bordello in New York City in 1999, after leaving Ukraine in the aftermath of Chernobyl. In keeping with his vision of creating an international groove, he recruited musicians of all ages, races and cultures, including bassist Thomas Gobena, from Ethiopia, Russian violinist Sergey Ryabtsev from Moscow and percussionist Pedro Erazo-Segovia from Ecuador. "Rousing punk-meets-folk at one of the best live shows you'll see!" - (Time Out).

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Linda Martini

Passionate postrock experimentalists from Portugal with a cataclysmic kick ass sound that ebbs, flows and crescendos just like Explosions in the Sky and Godspeed You Black Emperor.

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Anna Calvi

Anna Calvi appearing at this event

Considered by some to be a female Nick Cave, scored for an imaginary Hitchock soundtrack, Anna Calvi's blend of dark atmospheric romantic pop saw her nominated for the Mercury Music Prize with her 2011 eponymous debut for the Domino label. Meanwhile her intense mesmerising live performances showcase her fiercely provocative and mastery electric guitar work, haunting vocals and hypnotic stage presence with striking torch songs. 2013 saw the release of her follow-up album 'One Breath', described by The Independent as “an LP that rumbles with lusty insistence, swoons with bliss, luxuriates in cinematic style and nudges Calvi’s emotive voice to fresh operatic heights.”

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Fischer-Z appearing at this event

One of the founders, along with the likes of Kraftwerk, of the late 70s electro-pop scene which in turn gave rise to the 80s synth-pop bands like Human League and OMD.

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The Wedding Present

The Wedding Present appearing at this event

In the late 1980s The Wedding Present were one of the most famous British indie bands. Their career path often involved unusual decisions, such as recording a set of Ukranian folk songs for their first major-label offering and releasing a single on the first Monday of every month for a year. Band members came and went, but the idea of The Wedding Present as a group has remained. Nowadays fans of 'the Weddoes' can still hear their favourite songs (as well as new material) being played live by original songwriter David Gedge and his band.

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Clan Of Xymox

Clan Of Xymox appearing at this event

Legends of the Gothic genre from Holland who deliver a melancholic stage show befitting of their acclaimed musical work.

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