Erland Cooper

at Summerhall, Edinburgh

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This show was rescheduled from 29th September 2020.

Hailing from the archipelago of Orkney in Scotland, the contemporary composer and multi-instrumentalist Erland Cooper returns to its landscape and people as a source of inspiration for his new album Hether Blether. The album, named after a hidden island in folklore, looks to the past through the stories of the island and to the present and future through its people.


Erland Cooper

Erland Cooper appearing at this event

Erland Cooper is an award winning, multi-instrumentalist and producer who was born and raised on the archipelago of Orkney, Scotland. Exploring a balance between alternative, electronic and classical music, his debut solo project began as a gentle response to ease anxiety and claustrophobia working in a large city - setting out to create a sense of balance and calm for both him and the listener, while connecting identity, memory and place through music and cinematography. When creating music, Erland believes it often reflects the landscape a musician is surrounded with in some small way, be it rural, urban, real or imagined. Rich in folklore, music, myth and mythology, Orkney has strong Scandinavian influences that are echoed and layered throughout his arrangements. Previous projects include The Magnetic North, which blends orchestral arrangement, rock, and electronica and his early work as lead to progressive folk rock band Erland and the Carnival.

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  • 1 Summerhall Place
  • Edinburgh
  • EH9 1PL

0131 560 1580

Erland Cooper image © Alex Kozobolis

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