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The last but one chapter in an autobiography of an infamous movie star...

There';s more than one way to skin a cat but only one Milly-Liu!

Milly-Liu has not been invited, she has not prepared anything and she certainly shouldn't be here.
Milly-Liu, since around ten years ago has been wandering the streets of Cardiff on all sorts of cat nip looking for a free ride.
Oh, and Milly-Liu is a cat!

After Alix in Wundergarten and Looking Through Glass, François Pandolfo joins The Other Room's festivities once again, this time with his One-Woman-Show Milly-Liu. After some time in rehab, extensive therapy and now guided by his spirit animal Vivien the Owl, Francois is artistically lubed up and on prep for your pleasure.

Come and join Milly-Liu in an audience with at The Other Room but bring reserves because she takes no prisoners and for f**ksake DON'T MENTION THE MICHAEL JACKSON DOCUMENTARY.

The Other Room @ Porter's

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  • Teras Bute
  • Cardiff
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