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Whitby Folk Week 2019

Whitby Folk Week is a long-standing celebration of the traditional music, dance and song of the British Isles has taken on the trappings of a tradition in its own right.

With over 600 events covering workshops, concerts, singarounds, dances, sessions, street entertainment and the extensive 'fringe' events that blossom spontaneously.

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There’s nothing else quite like Stepling, a unique and exciting act that has burst onto the folk scene with their original blend of music, step dance and song inspired by English traditions. Their richly varied performances combine traditional and new material, and blur the boundaries between music and dance. From high energy competition clog to carefully crafted tune arrangements and songs, many with foot percussion, Stepling are truly breaking new ground. Stepling – Furious fiddle, and not so furious vocals, from Deb Chalmers (Folk Dance Remixed, Bella Hardy); subtle guitar from Adrian Lever (Alma, Horses Brawl); sparkling percussion from Jo May (Against the Grain, Token Women); and captivating step dance from champion clog dancer Toby Bennett.

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Norma Waterson

One of the strongest voices in folk music and the first traditional musician to be nominated for the Mercury Music Prize. One half of Waterson:Carthy with her husband Martin.

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The Poozies

The Poozies appearing at this event

Harps and harmonies from this all female Scottish folk band featuring Mary McMaster, Patsy Seddon, Eilidh Shaw, Sally Barker, and Mairearad Green. Tunes from Scotland and beyond featuring two harps, fiddle, piano accordion and guitar. Electro-harpist Mary McMaster also featured on Sting's album "On A Winter's Night" and toured with the show in Europe and the United States in 2010.

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Tony Wilson

One of the best folk entertainers on the circuit with superb singer and excellent instrumental skills on guitar, banjo and mandola.

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Terry Clarke-Coyne

Flute player & member of Garva & the Irish Sea Sessions.

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Doug Eunson & Sarah Matthews

See Doug Eunson & Sarah Matthews tour dates

Nick Dow

A fine repertoire of traditional songs, with an easy velvet voice and sensitive guitar playing.

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Mick Ryan

Mick is a very fine singer who writes articulate, clever, funny, sad, different songs, many in a 'traditional' style with a modern edge.

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Judy Cook

An engaging singer from Virginia, USA, Judy lifts the spirit and entertains with splendid traditional ballads and songs from a huge and varied Anglo-American repertoire. Her clear and engaging presentation combine with her joy of singing is guaranteed to delight all lovers of traditional song. She is also recognised as a folk music researcher, author and historian, but above all she is a performer, communicator and entertainer.

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Granny's Attic

Granny's Attic are a folk trio from Worcester, England who met and formed at secondary school in 2009 and have since been regularly playing a variety of gigs including festivals, local events and gigs across the country. They play a range of English, Irish, Scottish traditional music, as well as some of their own compositions. Each member plays a variety of instruments, with the main line-up being melodeon/concertina; guitar; and fiddle/mandolin.

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Sandra Kerr

Sandra Kerr appearing at this event

Well-loved singer and musician with a wide range of traditional and contemporary material.

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Stanley Accrington

Master of parody and pastiche, Stanley mixes poetry and music on the piano and guitar producing a bewildering mixture of songs which range from the silly, the serious, the very silly, the lever, the too clever by half, the odd, the wry, the contrived, the middle of the road to the in the ditch.

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Pete Coe

Pete Coe appearing at this event

Singer, songwriter, melodeon, banjo, dulcimer and bouzouki player, bandleader, broadcaster, teacher, step dancer, club organiser, sallow-faced wit, raconteur and all-round good guy. He's probably best known for his richly varied solo work, stretching across the whole range of the folk umbrella from the English tradition to dance tunes to his own devastatingly potent original songs.

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Matt Quinn

Superb folk multi-instrumentalist.

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Janet Russell

Vivacious Scot with a tremendous voice.

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Brian Peters

Brian Peters appearing at this event

'A fine singer and multi-instrumentalist, involved with collecting songs & developing new directions for folk presentation, e.g. The Widows Uniform and other adaptions from Kipling. Very much in the Premier Division of English folk musicians. Especially recommended for Real Folkies.' (Stortfolk Music Club)

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Bryony Griffith & Will Hampson

Bryony Griffith & Will Hampson appearing at this event

'Elegant, unflinchingly pure folk instrumentals and stirring folk voice from two of the award-winning Demon Barbers' - The Telegraph. Expect a repertoire of dark ballads, chorus songs and dance tunes delivered with good humoured Yorkshire banter featuring the sensitive yet driving melodeon of Will Hampson and the distinctive vocals and delicious fiddling of Bryony Griffith. Their 'legendary-to-be' (English Dance and Song Magazine) debut album 'Lady Diamond' has received rave reviews.

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The Melrose Quartet

Glorious four-part harmony singing combines with crunchy twin fiddles, majestic melodeon and powerful bouzouki in a set that will leave your heart singing and your feet tapping. The quartet are made up from two duos; Nancy Kerr & James Fagan and Richard & Jess Arrowsmith.

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Johnny Handle

Songs, recitations and tunes from the North East of England, with piano accordeon and Northumbrian pipes.

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Tom McConville

Tom McConville appearing at this event

Tom McConville is one of the leading fiddle players in the British Isles, performing at most of the leading festivals with a great sense of humour. He is a brilliant musician with a unique style and beautiful tone, and is always in demand for his sensitive contributions to other musicians' recordings. Tom is also a wonderful singer; his interpretation of both traditional and contemporary song is greatly admired by other singers throughout the world. His live performance combines a rollercoaster of musical delights from fast, rhythmic dance tunes, through beautiful slow airs, great singing and dry Geordie wit.

See 2 tour dates featuring Tom McConville

Stewart Hardy

Stunning fiddle player, formerly of the John Wright Band and now making a name for himself as a soloist.

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Graeme Knights

Graeme Knights appearing at this event

Graeme's rich baritone voice draws you to join in the singing. His repertoire encompasses traditional love songs, mining songs, gospel songs, drinking and music hall songs and some more recently written contemporary songs - many with good enjoyable and singable choruses. And his delivery and presence make for a most memorable evening.

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Michelle Holding

Michelle Holding appearing at this event

Michelle Holding sings traditional and contemporary British and American songs, playing guitar, banjo and concertina. Blessed with a striking and distinctive voice, she performs with passion and sensitivity.

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Scott Gardiner

One of Scotland's great traditional singers, known for singing bothy ballads and songs of the north-east.

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Alan Reid & Rob Van Sante

Alan Reid & Rob Van Sante appearing at this event

The mighty duo from the even mightier Battlefield Band.

See Alan Reid & Rob Van Sante tour dates

The Mighty Doonans

The Mighty Doonans appearing at this event

The Mighty Doonans have a deserved reputation for their imaginative and innovative interpretations of traditional and contemporary songs. With brass, drums, keyboards, electric guitars and amazing vocals, they have the ability to blend different genres of music and dance (and the occasional joke) into their act. This leads to thoroughly entertaining performances that delight audiences across the ‘folk world’. The original ‘Doonan Family Band’ regulars; Mick & Kevin Doonan, Phil Murray & Stu Luckley, are joined by various family members, Rosie & Frances Doonan (Mick’s daughters), Jamie Luckley (Stu’s son) a great old friend Ian (Walter) Fairbairn and occasionally joined by Ben Murray (Phil’s son) which all constitute ‘The Mighty Doonans’. The original ‘Doonan Family Band ‘ have been part of the British folk scene for over 40 years. John Doonan , father of Mick and Kevin, was the godfather of Irish music, a World Champion Piccolo Player.

See 2 tour dates featuring The Mighty Doonans

Jim & Lynette Eldon

Husband and wife team, Jim and Lynette are also regulars. Jim has a boundless store of brilliant traditional songs from his native county of Yorkshire and Lynette is a very accomplished clog dancer. Jim also plays a very eccentric style of fiddle and writes some of his own, very funny, acerbic songs.

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Cohen Braithwaite-Kilcoyne

A fine young award winning singer, melodeon and concertina player currently making a name for himself throughout the UK.

See 3 tour dates featuring Cohen Braithwaite-Kilcoyne

Sara Grey

Sara Grey appearing at this event

Sara Grey comes from New England, USA and is a traditional singer and musician. Appalachian voice and a five-string banjo interspersed with stories.

See Sara Grey tour dates

Kieron Means

Kieron Means, Sara Grey's son, is a singer of primarily traditional songs but also of contemporary songs. Sara is a well-known expert of old-time banjo and Kieron is a fine guitar player.

See Kieron Means tour dates

Scold's Bridle

A female duo, who offer traditional & contemporary songs, seasoned with warmth and wit - the perfect act for a listening audience which is keen to participate.

See Scold's Bridle tour dates

Steve Turner

Steve Turner appearing at this event

Recognised in the 1980s as one of the most innovative and adventurous of English concertina players, Steve 'retired' from the folk scene to concentrate on his Turner Violins business. He made a welcome return to performing in 2004 and has been performing regularly at festivals and clubs since then.

See Steve Turner tour dates

Martyn Wyndham-Read

Martyn Wyndham-Read appearing at this event

Traditional and contemporary English and Australian songs from one of the all time masters. A warm-voiced singer and fine guitarist; a justifiably respected veteran!

See Martyn Wyndham-Read tour dates

Gordon Tyrrall

One of the finest performers on the folk circuit with powerful singing, adventurous guitar accompaniments and soaring tunes on the flute.

See Gordon Tyrrall tour dates

Red Hippo

Funky folk songs and rhythms influenced by English, Irish and Scandinavian melodies.

See Red Hippo tour dates

Carolyn Robson

Northumberland folk singer, with a traditional repertoire.

See Carolyn Robson tour dates

Moira Craig

A superb performer of traditional and written Scottish songs.

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Róisín Bán

Róisín Bán appearing at this event

A traditional Irish five piece band, led by fiddler Chris Dyson, who has been on the scene for a few decades now since fronting the legendary Celtic Rock band Gaelforce in the early nineties. The name pronounced rowsheen born, is Irish for White Rose. With a line up of fiddle, flute, button box, guitar, bodhran and vocals plus a few other instruments and some sean-nós dancing expect some great craic from this band live.

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John Kirkpatrick

John Kirkpatrick appearing at this event

An outstanding folk singer/songwriter who has some magnificent songs to his name and who is also probably this country's finest squeezebox player. 'One of the finest squeezebox players in Christendom. An outstanding singer, a notable songwriter... He's in a class of his own for the life he instils into whatever issues from his squeezeboxes' (Folk Roots).

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Also Appearing

Nicola Beazley, Laura Smyth, Rosie Stewart, Di Henderson, Windy Gyle, Mike Bettison, Dan Quinn, Annie Winter, Chris Hendry, Rob Murch, Nick Hart, Jimmy & Luke Murray, The Hunch, Roisin White, Mick Hart, Downes Bradley Downes, Will Noble, Ragged Trousers, Ian Russell, Cream Tees, Arthur Knevett

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