Stonham Barns Sunday Car Boot on 19th July from 7am onwards

Stonham Barns Sunday Car Boot on 19th July from 7am onwards

at Stonham Barns Car Boot Sale, Stonham Aspal

This event has been and gone.

Please note: Info provided by the Event Organiser

Stonham Barns Sunday Car Boot 19th July 2020

Last Sundays was even better than the week before. 130 sellers and great weather. Because so many Car Boots haven’t opened we are getting many from the cancelled car boots and buyers from all over. The good thing is everyone who is coming seems to be following the distancing and one-way routes and abiding by our strict no harassment policy which is why Stonham Barns Car Boot is always such a friendly place to sell and buy at. Back again this Sunday 19th July & every Sunday until further notice. Weather again looking great so we are expecting even more people turning up. We are using three different fields at the moment so I apologise for the extra walk for buyers but, the Car Boot is literally right next to where you park once everyone is in.

There are only a few Sunday Car Boots on at the moment so, make sure you are organised and bring everything that you need to feel comfortable at the Car Boot. We do have food and drinks (hot and cold) and the toilets are open with a strict one in one out system. These are cleaned constantly throughout the opening times. You can turn up on the day and sell. If you can’t get to the food van/toilet I am coming round to take pitch fees so ask me or ask your neighbour to look after your pitch.

Thanks to everyone last week who followed all that I asked. For your safety I suggest that sellers bring gloves, sanitiser & possibly masks if they choose to. These are for your own peace of mind and obviously because you are handling cash.

You still need to decide whether you allow buyers to pick up items or not and please clean items if you allow them to.

Each week, I’m amending a few things so it’s easier to get in.

Sellers will be allowed to enter the field from 6.30am onwards. NO ONE WILL BE LET IN UNTIL 6.30 SO DON’T ARRIVE BEFORE THEN AS YOU CAUSE TRAFFIC JAMS. Buyers will not be allowed in until gone 8am (maybe earlier) but – please allow me to get everyone into position so you don’t hinder this, thanks. There will be a one-way viewing system which needs to be followed. I will place Way in and No Entry signs down each aisle. BUYERS – PLEASE FOLLOW THESE as they are very important for everyone’s enjoyment.

We will have sanitising solution available to purchase if necessary but, ideally all will bring some. Go to the food van if you need any sanitiser.

Again, I ask the buyers to be patient and to make sure they are aware of the opening times and to follow the one-way system. If you see anyone going the wrong way – please politely point this out to anyone oblivious to the numerous signs.

I will be out attempting to guide everyone into position and again I ask for patience as I will decide where everyone goes as the positioning of everyone will be vital and everyone needs to be positioned as I suggest.

Last week was a great success and I can only thank everyone that acted intelligently and sensibly.

At the end of the day though, we are an extremely friendly car boot with a lot of regular sellers. You’ll find that you can speak to and ask anyone selling at the car boot and they’ll point you in the direction of myself or the various people working at the car boot. I will be wearing a high viz jacket this Sunday so the person covered with small beetles will be me. Please feel free to ask anything. Otherwise ask at the food van.

Stonham Car Boot has always had a great atmosphere where the public (sellers and buyers) have made the whole occasion really enjoyable. We don't have or allow anyone to harass sellers and it has never been an issue. Which is why everything worked so well last week.

But, because of restrictions we will have to follow set guidelines for sellers & buyers.

07817539168 for information on the Car Boot or

Stonham Barns Car Boot Sale

Pettaugh Road
Stonham Aspal
IP14 6AT