Thu 27th Jun 2019, 7:30pm

Luke Daniels


This event has been and gone.

Luke Daniels is bringing an exciting music project to St Helens which gives audiences an exciting opportunity to create their very own piece of music using just their smart phones.

The award winning and critically acclaimed musician is hosting a series of concerts over the next few months which will make use of the mobile technology to jointly create new music with audiences ahead of each performance. For each performance Luke will be joined on stage by a different world-class performer culminating in a final quartet performance at the end of the project.

Audiences could have the chance to hear their technological compositions played at these special concerts, they simply have to:

Download the Music Memes App
Select from a series of pre-recorded ‘blocks’ of music
Arrange the blocks to create their own piece of music
Share their creation on social media

Each concert will feature a Q&A session with Luke and his special guests

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