A Spring Symposium

A Spring Symposium

at Coombe Bissett & Homington Village Hall, Salisbury

This event has been and gone.

This is a day-long musical celebration, in a beautiful location overlooking the Chalke Valley. Come and join us for fun and frolics - there will be a bar selling local ales and suchlike, and a cafeteria with vegetarian treats and cake.

There may or may not be other special guests making an appearance too.

Some money might go to Tim Smith, if he is a good boy.

[NB: This event will contain little or no nudity]


Lake of Puppies

Lake of Puppies was formed from the dust that settled after a tiny meteorite hit Balham and Tooting in the year of 1995. William D. Drake and Sharron Saddington played in that dust 'til their eyes were sore and weeping, but they didn't stop until their findings had been documented in full.

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Crayola Lectern

Psychedelic, piano based songs.

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William D Drake

William D Drake appearing at this event

Composer and songwriter William D. Drake and his band are a feast of gorgeous instrumentation, masterful piano, ancient grinding hurdy-gurdy, harmonium, clarinet, guitar, drums… topped with growly vocals and angelic singing. Weaving layers of textured melody with rock undertones, they journey through the surreal and psychedelic, telling curious tales with a sideways humour. William D.Drake was a defining member of the 80s/early 90s line-up of cult band Cardiacs.

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Arch Garrison

From the makers of the highly acclaimed North Sea Radio Orchestra. Songs about vapour, roman roads, ditches and mounds accompanied by guitars and organs.

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Bob Drake

Born midwest USA, co-founder of Thinking Plague, engineer for Ice Cube and Englebert Humperdinck, Bob Drake has also remastered classic albums by Henry Cow, Art Bears & Slapp Happy. He now prefers songs about anthropomorphic animals, haunted farmhouses, and inexplicable phenomena. His 9th album “Arx Pilosa” has just been released by ReR/Recommended Records.

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Kemper Norton

The South Coast's finest - indeed only - proponent of slurrtronic folk sounds. Blending acoustic instrumentation with synthetic sonorities and his own spectral vocals, he conjures a sound suggestive of a rural Coil.

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Also Appearing

Libbertine Vale, Emily Jones

Coombe Bissett & Homington Village Hall

Shutts Lane
Coombe Bissett