Scary Matthew


This event has been and gone.

Scary Matthew tells a trio of troubling tales.

On a dark Saturday night late in November, when damp autumn mists may be hanging low over the village pond, an inviting glow from the shadowy Village Hall offers the prospect of relief from the clinging coldBut all is not as it seems, for within the Hall there waits an evening of chilling ghostly stories and music titled The Unquiet Dead, narrated by Matthew Bellwood. However, don't be too alarmed, the stories are classics by well-known authors, M.R James, Edith Nesbitt and Lucy Clifford which we hope will not leave you too frightened to face the gloomy journey home!

In the interval you will be able to enjoy a pie-and-pea supper (with veggie option of course) to put warmth into your bodies before plunging back into the eerie tales.

They dare you to come along to the Hall for this alternative to our more familiar musical entertainment. Young people over 12 are welcome.

Grewelthorpe Village Hall

  • Grewelthorpe
  • Ripon
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