The Tubes

at The Hub / DBs Live, Plymouth

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Mondo Pulp Tour

The Tubes, the San Francisco-based rock band, whose eponymous 1975 debut album included the unforgettable rock anthem 'White Punks on Dope', celebrates their return to the UK with their 'Mondo Pulp Tour', 12 nights of non-stop mayhem in the UK in October 2016.

'We’re thrilled to be coming back to the country that started it all for us,' says the Tubes frontman Fee Waybill. 'I embrace my British heritage; the beer and the fish and chips and the best rock and roll fans in the world. The all-new Mondo Pulp Tour will be big fun'.

The Tubes

The Tubes appearing at this event

When you think of Quay Lude, an Octopus armed Geisha Girl, cheerleaders, carnival barkers, business suits, spinning keyboards, straight jackets, leather cod pieces with zippered hoods and a babies arm holding an apple all rolled into one you have to be thinking about one of the most visual rock bands ever - The Tubes. The original 'white punks on dope' shot to stardom in the 80s with an outrageous stage show which possibly overshadowed their limited songwriting skills. The stage shows eventually had to be toned down after leader singer Fee Waybill broke his leg leaping offstage into the audience armed with a chainsaw.

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