Private Lives

Private Lives

French Riviera, 1930. Quintessentially stylish divorcées, Elyot and Amanda are honeymooning with their new and much younger spouses. When they find themselves inexplicably on adjacent Hotel balconies, they quickly realise the awful yet beautiful truth. They both still love each other and regret their divorce.

Facing up to their true feelings, the starry-eyed pair hatch a plan to escape their honeymoon hotel and mismatched partners. However, having relocated to Amanda’s secluded Parisian flat, reality begins to bite. The pair begin to bicker. And fight. It’s a repeat performance of their first, disastrous marriage.

They can’t live with each other. They can’t live without each other.

Only when Amanda and Elyot are discovered by their jilted spouses, do the foursome finally figure out who is best suited to whom.

Fast-paced, witty, and passionate, Noël Coward’s comedy is a delightful, romantic comedy of manners. Packed with pace and Coward’s signature, stinging repartee, Private Lives is his greatest - Tony and Olivier award-winning - success.

* This show was rescheduled from June 5th - September 30th 2020.

Pitlochry Festival Theatre

  • Pitlochry
  • PH16 5DR

01796 484626

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