Travelling around America, life is a series of small-town vaudeville gigs for the daughters of pushy, show-business obsessed mother, Rose.

And while daughter June revels in the spotlight, her sister Louise always plays (reluctantly) the supporting role. Despite hardships and set-backs, Mama Rose has high hopes and big dreams for her rising ‘stars’.

When June gets a shot at the big time however, it means the end of the act. Mama turns it down! Tired of endlessly touring, sick of her excessively ambitious Mother and a little love-struck, June elopes.

Can Rose remould Louise into a replica of June? Or will Louise discover her own path to stardom and leave her Mother, all alone?

This gloriously entertaining musical fable, based loosely on the memoirs of Gypsy Rose Lee was first seen on Broadway in 1959. Most recently revived in the West End, starring Imelda Staunton, Gypsy is one of the greatest American musicals.

A hit-filled, good time, summer showbiz extravaganza, not to be missed!

* This show was rescheduled from May 22nd - October 3rd 2020.

Pitlochry Festival Theatre

  • Pitlochry
  • PH16 5DR

01796 484626

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