Flying Lotus x Brainfeeder Halloween Special

This event will be streamed online

Flying Lotus performs on Halloween joined by artists from Brainfeeder.

Who better to capture the spirit of Halloween than Steve Ellison? The man behind the mask of Flying Lotus and Captain Murphy, he embodies the thrills and escapism of All Hallow's Eve. His work traverses the cosmos all the way to the astral plane, touching upon places out of reach to the modern, humble human. A livestream performance opens a world of possibilities for the chameleonic artist, who always finds surprising, psychedelic methods of pulling viewers, both live and digitally, under his spell.

** This show will be broadcast live 3 times on Saturday 31st October.

Ticket holders can watch any broadcast from anywhere in the world. Please find your local time from the schedule below.

Broadcast #1 (Tokyo)
9pm JST // 12pm GMT // 5am PDT

Broadcast #2 (London)
9pm GMT // 2pm PDT // 6am JST*

Broadcast #3 (Los Angeles)
8pm PDT // 3am GMT* // Noon JST*

*Nov 1st

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Flying Lotus

Flying Lotus appearing at this event

Flying Lotus is commonly identified as a hip hop producer, but his style is drawn from many genres, including jazz and Brazilian music. His hip-hop beats are unique for their hazy, ambient sound, while his percussion is purposefully slightly off time to create a messier, more organic atmosphere. Because of this, he is often linked with producers Madlib and J Dilla.

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