at Norwich Playhouse
£12.50 - £15.00

Dr Mark Baldwin has given over 700 presentations on World War II codebreakers: Enigma and Bletchley Park and 70 presentations on Special Operations to audiences totalling over 70,000.

His recent tour has taken him to the US where he gave his talk to Facebook, CNet, Dropbox, Paypal and other US tech corporations. This fascinating talk includes the life and work of the great mathematician, computer scientist, philosopher and theoretical biologist Alan Turing OBE FRS.

Mark has been handling Enigma machines for longer than anyone in Germany’s armed forces and is the only person to be asked to speak on ‘The Codebreakers’ at London’s Special Forces Club, and on ‘Special Operations’ at Bletchley Park, home of the codebreakers. He is the only Briton to be asked to speak on Enigma in Germany.


Dr Mark Baldwin

Dr Mark Baldwin appearing at this event

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Norwich Playhouse

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