All Tomorrows Parties: Weekend 1 - The Fans Strike Back

at Butlins, Minehead

This event has been and gone.

The Fans get a chance to prove themselves once more by curating half the line-up in 'The Fans Strike Back'. The event will see half of the festival line-up chosen by ATP, and the other half voted for by everyone that buys a ticket. Voting opens on Monday November 17th and no bands can be picked that have ever played a UK ATP event before! Tickets include accommodation and festival pass. Please see www.atpfestival.com/index.php for more details.


Grizzly Bear

Grizzly Bear appearing at this event

Brooklyn-based experimental pop outfit with Warp Records.

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A highly talented MC from Boston whose 'Primitive Plus' album topped many hip-hop 'Best Of' lists in 2002. But it is live where Edan shines; a witty freestyler, often trading off rhymes with his counterpart Insight and incorporating improvisation and effect manipulation into his sets, Edan has a bright future on both sides of the Atlantic.

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F*** Buttons

F*** Buttons appearing at this event

F*ck Buttons bring new sensibilities to the obscure art of noise. Using severely distorted children's keyboards, guitar, vocals and piezo contacts on metallic surfaces, they create a searing, painful yet passionate sound with interesting underlying aesthetics and a compelling stage presence.

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!!! (chk chk chk)

!!! (chk chk chk) appearing at this event

!!! (pronounced as chk chk chk or any three repeated sounds) are a highly original New York punk/funk/dance outfit. At their gigs the band take the approach of a DJ, combining their songs into one continuous collage of sounds, changing to suit the mood and atmosphere of the event.

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Grouper appearing at this event

Liz Harris has been making waves with her genuinely unique take on psychedelic music, full of hissing drones and gorgeous loops of her beautiful vocals. A spine tingling musical experience is promised as she performs with guitar and her distinctive voice.

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Electric Wizard

Electric Wizard appearing at this event

Doom metal from Dorset. 'The Wizards are prophets or a new era, preaching salvation and oblivion through mind melting riffs, savage drumming and psychedelic B-Movie imagery. It's raw, barbaric and with little or no consideration to modern production values' (Rise Above Records).

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Future Of The Left

Future Of The Left appearing at this event

Future Of The Left are a rock band from Cardiff, Wales. They were formed in 2005 as part of a plea agreement following their involvement in an arms deal which left an actor playing Tony Blair dead, or at least pretending really well. They are made up of Andrew Falkous, Jack Egglestone and Julia Ruzicka.

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Errors appearing at this event

'Post rockers you can dance to' (NME). Signed to Rock Action, the record label set up and run by Mogwai, the Glaswegian three-piece take elements of new-wave, electro, '90s rave, acid-house and make it their own along with the contemporary influences of purveyors of glitch electronica and IDM such as kid606, Boards of Canada and Fourtet. Errors are Simon Ward (guitar, keyboards, programming), Steev Livingstone (guitar, keyboards, programming) and James Hamilton (drums).

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Jeffrey Lewis & The Junkyard

Jeffrey Lewis & The Junkyard appearing at this event

Often associated with his friends, The Moldy Peaches, New York's Jeffrey Lewis peddles a similar peddle of lo-fi anti-folk indie singing and songwriting, combining equal measures of humour, innocence, fragility and sadness. Singing largely of his own life and experiences, as though filtered through the pages of a comic book, he's a modern day woody Guthrie on a punk rock tip.

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Parts and Labor

Parts and Labor appearing at this event

'Frequent tour mates of Black Dice, Lightning Bolt and the like, Parts and Labor make an unholy and unique racket. Malfunctioning electronics howl in agony, drums rupture like fireworks, battle cries are belted through a monolithic layer of distorted bass and guitar. Combining tumultuous noise with enormous, triumphant melodies, Parts and Labor revel in day-glo noise, charred drones, punk velocity and phoenix-like hooks'- Synergy Concerts.

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The Mae Shi

The Mae Shi appearing at this event

Electronics, live instrumentation, electric vocals, catchier-than-hell tunes and a sound midway between seventies glam-rock, eighties new-romanticism and modern electro. They're The Mae Shi and they'll more than likely blow you away.

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Harvey Milk

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Godflesh appearing at this event

One of the most proficient mixers of metal and techno, Godflesh evolved from a relentless and unforgiving industrial wall of noise to a genuinely experimental and varied mixture of metal, industrial, techno and hip-hop.

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Lords (US)


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Casiotone For The Painfully Alone

One man, lots of 80s style Casio keyboards and many intriguing possibilities.

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Liam Finn

Liam Finn appearing at this event

Australian born singer/songwriter who has criss crossed the globe as a headline artist and support act with Pearl Jam, Black Keys, and Wilco.

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Also Appearing

Colossal Youth, More!


  • Minehead
  • TA24 5SH

0870 242 0870