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Transformer pays homage to Lou Reed whose visionary approach to rock, both in the Velvet Underground and on albums like Metal Machine Music, is reflected in the event line up. Across two rooms of music, Transformer will bring an indoor festival vibe to the expansive Victoria Warehouse, and will include a record fair, food stalls, a cinema, and more. With DJs to be announced, Transformer seems certain to make an immediate impact.



Swans appearing at this event

Swans are an influential American post-punk band initially active from 1982 to 1997, led by singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Michael Gira. The band was one of the few groups to emerge from the early 1980s New York No Wave scene and stay intact into the next decade. They reactivated in 2010 with live shows and have continued to play since.

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The Fall

The Fall appearing at this event

The seminal '70s post-punk band formed in Prestwich, Greater Manchester, and were led by the inimitable Mark E Smith. Of all the late '70s punk and post-punk bands, none were more prolific than The Fall, having been known to always push boundaries, and never afraid to experiment. Famously described as 'always different, always the same' by BBC Radio 1 DJ John Peel, they maintained their cult status over the decades with an ever-evolving style that held a foundation of jagged guitars, sing-speak vocals, and keyboards to create experimental, abrasive and dense musical cacophony. Mark E Smith sadly passed away on January 23rd 2018.

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This Is Not This Heat

This Heat founding members Charles Bullen and Charles Hayward join together under the banner of This Is Not This Heat.

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Royal Trux

Royal Trux appearing at this event

Royal Trux is an American alternative rock band active from 1987 to 2001, founded by Neil Hagerty (vocals, guitar) and Jennifer Herrema (vocals). The band reformed for two reunion shows in 2015 and have played sporadically since then.

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LOOP appearing at this event

Loop was formed in Croydon, London, 1986 by Robert Hampson (vocals/guitars) and partner Beki Stewart (Bex) on drums. Following line-up changes - the arrival of new drummer John Wills, new bassist Neil MacKay and James Endeacott on second guitar the band took a primal rhythmic foundation, captured on their impressive debut full-length Heavens End (1987). Hypnotising all, with their discordant trance-like spell serving as an antidote to the prevailing trend in British pop at the time, they resurrected the concept of loud out there-rock for a new era, creating droning soundscapes of bleak beauty and harsh dissonance.

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Purling Hiss

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Suuns appearing at this event

Suuns are the latest in a long line of great bands to emerge from the musical hotbed of Montreal. The Canadian four-piece fuse post punk, electronica and Krautrock as crashing drums and nose-diving guitar riffs punctuate tautly-weaved beats.

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Sex Swing

Sex Swing appearing at this event

"A newly-birthed project, comprising members of implicitly trusted yet sonically nefarious outfits Mugstar, Part Chimp and Dethscalator".

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Little Annie

Little Annie appearing at this event

Painter, poet, performer and musician Little Annie, aka Annie Anxiety Bandez formerly of the band Crass, is a smokey contralto, raconteur and restless spirit who has spent the last 30 years creating a body of work that would take more space than available here to list. Since stepping onto her first stage at the age of 16, her music - and her life - has defied categorisation, limitations and/or restrictions - her life often imitating her art and vice versa. The late Frank Zappa name-checked her as ‘the real thing’ while Mojo described her as ‘the female counterpart to the Lou Reed of 1982’s Blue Mask – a voice full of pickled New York wisdom.”

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JC Flowers

JC Flowers are an indie quintet based in East London producing a unique sound that’s part psuedo-soul and part broken-symphony pop.

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