One Tribe Festival 2017


This event has been and gone.

Audio Farm presents One Tribe Festival is a non-profit, creative roots festival of positive energy. The festival will be held over a fully immersive 5 days, with the UK rarity of a 24 hour music license.

Home Of The Drum

  • Juan Atkins
  • Slam
  • DJ Bone
  • XDB
  • Trevino
  • October
  • 303
  • Akaram
  • Alice Woods
  • Blasha & Allatt
  • Eastern Bloc
  • Gary Sloan
  • Gemma Muir
  • Kenny Muir
  • Kerrie
  • Leon Mitternacht
  • Lucy Ironmonger
  • Means&3rd
  • Meat Free
  • MPH
  • Stuart Hodson
  • Tay
  • Tom Houghton

Forest Stage

Depths of Bass

Mandala Stage

Psychedelic Stage

The Ambient Stage

  • Ben Waa
  • Consciousness Collective
  • Hugo
  • Lorentzian
  • Luv*Jam
  • Mayawaska
  • Marc Constantine
  • MPH
  • Pete Mangalore
  • Polypores
  • Ste Chesters
  • Tay
  • The Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle
  • Woods

The Den

  • Beaumont Brothers
  • Black Eyes
  • Bleepfunk
  • Dan & Lou
  • Dan Eds
  • Elizabeth Preston
  • Evan Graham
  • Familiar Ghosts
  • Hedge Gods
  • Hugo
  • Jock Lee
  • Joe Grocock
  • Jonnie Greaves
  • Marc Constantine
  • Noisy Parrot
  • Pete Mangalore
  • Rave Against Racism
  • Rick Nicholls
  • Rory (Age Of Glass)
  • Templebys
  • The Bod Far I Galactic Ensemble
  • TMW
  • Tommy Walker 3
  • Will Tramp

Drumming Collectives

  • Beatnik Drumming Collective
  • Drum Machine
  • Treedrummers Drumming Collective


Juan Atkins

Juan Atkins appearing at this event

One of Detroit techno's founding fathers, Juan was one of the legendary Belleville three in the early days of the movement and his material is still hugely influential today.

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Boddika appearing at this event

A raw and energising mixup of electronic genres.

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DJ Hype

DJ Hype appearing at this event

DJ Hype (aka Kevin Ford) has been a master of drum n bass since the early nineties and still pulls in huge audiences today. Blending drum'n'bass, breakbeat, hip hop and jungle, his eclectic style and attention to detail have earned him Best Male DJ and best DJ Radio. He is also the founder of jungle label Ganja which hosts fellow DJs Krome and Zinc.

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Cholmondeley Castle

  • Cholmondeley
  • Malpas
  • SY14 8EZ

01829 720383