Desertfest London 2013


This event has been and gone.

Desertfest is the UK's ultimate underground rock festival.

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Black Moth

Black Moth appearing at this event

Taking influence from proto-punk acts, 90s grunge and stoner rock, drawing out the darker elements and combine them with the heavy riffs.

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Bongripper appearing at this event

Bongripper is a four-piece instrumental doom metal band from Chicago. Since 2005, they have self-released six recordings. Known for a deafening and intense live performance, the band thrives on an unrelenting sound that can compete with any of the heaviest metal bands of their genre.

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Colour Haze

Colour Haze appearing at this event

Colour Haze is a stoner/psychedelic rock group from Munich, Germany, consisting of singer and guitarist Stefan Koglek, drummer Manfred Merwald and bassist Philipp Rasthofer. Formed in the mid-nineties, Colour Haze is one of the oldest German stoner outfits, and have since then become one of the flagships of the German stoner rock scene.

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Conan appearing at this event

Doom metal trio from Merseyside. Conan are as heavy as interplanetary thunder amplified through the roaring black hole anus of Azathoth. A three piece, in the grand tradition of many amazing fabulous three pieces that hold a tight line and an iron-grip command over the uber-synchronised chord changes and tempo-shifts of the holy trio of bass, drums and guitar. Two men have the task of vocalising wretched thoughts over the turgid weight of Conan. They bear it well, for the task is immense.

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Cough appearing at this event

Cough is a sludge/doom metal formed in Richmond, Virginia in 2005.

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A rock metal band from Sweden who formed in 1998. Dozer have progressed beyond their early influences and created a style of their own incorporating modern elements into their classic heavy rock sound. A sound that always has been intensly heavy but yet also strongly song and melody driven by the distinctive vocals of singer Fredrik Nordin.

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Gurt appearing at this event

London quartet, Gurt, take the blues and groove of 70s rock and drag it backwards through the swamps of Louisiana. The drums are thunderous, the vocals demonic and the guitars down-tuned, down-tempo and down-right sexy. 'This is not doom, this is not sludge, this is Gurt'.

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Featuring former members of Canvas, playing Zeppelin-style rock. Prog rock legends of Leeds and masters of the riff.

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A four piece modern psychedelia band who formed in Brooklyn in early 2009.

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Pagan Altar

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Chile's death metal pioneers.

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Prosperina appearing at this event

South Wales' 3-piece Prosperina capably fuse musical complexity with an instinctive hooky lyrical melody; referencing both the classic rock of the past (Pink Floyd, Kyuss, Soundgarden) and the present (Tool, Isis, Mastodon). Their exhilarating vocals and catchy hooks provide an anthemic appeal that fuels the listener with the inability to contain movement.

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Ramesses appearing at this event

Psychedelic doom trio from the woodland of Dorset.

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Trippy Wicked

Trippy Wicked appearing at this event

Superb Heavy down tempo Metal with a bass groove that could loosen your gold teeth! Black Sabbath through a bass booster! A real gem.

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Truckfighters appearing at this event

To hear Truckfighters’ music is to hear the sounds of the desert. Think wide open spaces, grand open grooves and dust-caked metal riffs. This is a band bred on the California badlands, except... they’re from Sweden! Truckfighters have honed and expanded their sound, moving from out-and-out riffing to more melodic crafted songwriting, while still maintaining that addictive fuzzed-out sound that defines them.

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Turbowolf appearing at this event

Turbowolf are digitronized hell 'n' roll from planet spookazoid's disco fun palace. 'They play as if their lives depend on it at every gig. They are Turbowölf and they ROCK!' - Venue Magazine

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Italy based band.

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Yawning Man

A rock band featuring Alfredo Hernandez (Kyuss/Queens of the Stone Age) and Mario Lalli (Fatso Jetson).

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Also Appearing

Abrahma Belzebong, Admiral Sir Cloudesley Shovell, Angist, Belzebong, Black Magician, Bong, Fatso Jetson, Kadavar, Low Rider, Planet of Zeus, Steak, Throne, Unida, Whormoan, Witch Mountain, Wo Fat