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Nia Wyn

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'A remarkable new voice has emerged. Growing up in a small town in North Wales, Nia Wyn found solace in old blues and soul records she found in junk shops. Using these muses to craft similar songs of personal experience, the young artist has captured something vivid and compelling. Nia’s talent for raw and powerful storytelling, set within a kind of unorthodox, engrossing vocal, immediately marks her out against the backdrop of emerging young female artists coming out of the UK – and conjures a very exciting, defiant charisma that’s both hard and warm. A fierce and honest lyricist channeling old blues and soul with a modern twist, Wyn sings of broken hearts at home and in society with her unique and powerful voice. A hip hop soul in a blues body, she wields that resonator guitar like an axe against the world around her.'

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Ezra Bruno

Ezra Bruno is an singer, songwriter and producer from Holloway, North London. The sonic cocktail that he has mixed is simply a scintillating blend of organic and electronic sounds. His journey as both a producer and artist is just beginning as he prepares to release his debut self-titled EP. This work is a true testament to his heart: it entails the history of his self-professed twisted obsessions with romance. Ezra is also a co-founder of Studio XYZ. Through working as a studio engineer, he has rubbed shoulders with and developed skills from various types of artists.

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