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Zahra Barri

Zahra Barri appearing at this event

'Zahra Barri, a cool Rita Rudner...' (Alan Nixon, Channel 5 Head Of Comedy) '... the amusing, genuine airhead Zahra Barri' (Funhouse Comedy).

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Sadia Azmat

Sadia Azmat appearing at this event

Sadia Azmat is a British Asian Stand-up comedian and writer from East London. A chance encounter with a comedian in a call centre, who introduced her to the circuit, is where began performing and she is a regular stand-up to date. In 2018 Sadia launched her critically acclaimed BBC podcast “No Country For Young Women” which has enjoyed global success and consistent reviews from audiences and critics alike including 'Best audio 2018' as featured by Miranda Sawyer for the Observer and Apple's Top picks for 2018. You can listen to the podcast through the BBC's website at the following link:

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Simon Caine

Simon Caine appearing at this event

Simon is a stand up comedian, writer, published author and podcaster from London (UK). “That was awesome. I liked it… I don’t know why. But it was great. I’ll have you back” – Mike Manera (Piccadilly Comedy Club, 2016) “What you’re doing is great… the problem is nobody understands it.” – Iain Coyle (Dave TV Comedy Commissioner, 2016) “Really glad I got to see that. It was a really great set. You’re taking real and personal things and making them funny which isn’t easy to do. One of the two stand out sets of the night… and amazing crowd control” – Geoff Whiting (Mirth Control – 2016)

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Pam Ford

Loud Aussie comic, with a memorable version of the Shania Twain Song 'That Don't Impress Me Much'! Winner of ITV's Take The Mike Award. 'Funny, engaging, likeable and very funny too' (The Gag Factory).

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Francesco De Carlo

Francesco De Carlo appearing at this event

Italian comedian born in Rome in the late '70s. 'If I was an Italian comedian performing in English, I would want to be as funny as Francesco De Carlo' (Eddie Izzard).

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Karen Hobbs

Karen Hobbs has finished her drama degree at Birkbeck University, and is diving straight in to the world of comedy with her one-woman shows.

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Harry Pugh

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