Fri 28th Nov 2014, 6:00pm


The Garage, London


This event has been and gone.

Gong 2014 are...Dave Sturt bass/vox, Ian East winds, Fabio Golfetti guitar/vox, Kavus Torabi guits/vox and a 'mystery drummer'. Come and join the party to celebrate the Oneness of Gongness! and generate some healing energies for our dearest Dingo Virgin!

And a message to YOU from the divided alien.....

GONG has never stopped shape shifting in it's 46 years of touring - from its origins in the Parisian revolutions of '68, through the Virgin years to it's newest incarnation. Unorthodox and unpredictable it continues to defy show-biz gravity, most forms of logic, every fad and fashion, and pretty much anything else you care to conjure up. Weeeellll, it is GONG! Now another twist in the story emerges – I am recouping from surgery which is going to render me off planet for the rest of this year...HOWEVER – the GONG collective CONTINUES!

This most shiny and new incarnation has been developing for 5 years. It began to take shape with master bassist Dave Sturt and the virtuosic hornsman Ian East. Added to that, Brazillian guitarist Fabio Golfetti, who has been in many forms of Gong for 15 years and the whirlwind that is Kavus Torabi (ex Cardiacs) on guitar/vocals and a new mystery drummer and you have a GONG that will blow your sox off! Promoting the new album – I SEE YOU – as well as some classic material from the last 45 years – this line up, in my 'umble opinion, is quite simply, one of the best there has been.

Come and celebrate the oneness of Gongness! Dynamic, unexpected, whimsical, brilliant chops and huge fun. Your company is most respectfully requested - it just won't be the same without you.Of course by supporting the Gong band in my absence you will also be giving energy to my swift recovery.

My hugest thanks to all of you who have already swamped me with loving vibes and positive energies.
See you on the other side of my little setback!

With all my full hearted love,


Gong are Dave Sturt bass/vox, Ian East winds, Fabio Golfetti guitar/vox, Kavus Torabi guits/vox and...

Steve Hillage

DJ from Mirror System.

Mike Howlett

Andy Bole (Solo)

Special Guest Bands

The Garage

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The Garage