Jarrod Dickenson - Unplugged & Distilled


This event has been and gone.

Jarrod Dickenson - Unplugged & Distilled is an intimate evening of songs and spirits.


Jarrod Dickenson

Jarrod Dickenson appearing at this event

'Texas-born songwriter, Jarrod Dickenson's slightly spooky melodies and lyrics invoke a mid-Western post-war America, when cars ran on leaded gas, television hadn't yet kidnapped the country's imagination, and men wore hats every day. His reflective lyrics, almost like hand-written letters, remind us that human stories of lost love, sudden fortune, and abiding mystery transcend the decades.'

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The Cavendish Arms (The Ballroom)

  • 128 Hartington Road
  • Stockwell
  • London
  • SW8 2HJ

020 7627 0698