Sean Morley Workshop

at The Albany, London

This event has been and gone.

Scriptless Stand-Up is a workshop about a method for devising live comedy with an emphasis on adaptation and engagement with a move away from scripted dialogue. Borrowing techniques from devised and contemporary theatre, this workshop will allow you to develop your own idiosyncratic strategies for creating and performing live comedy with unique and exciting results.

Career-minded comedians desperate to burst from pub function rooms to comedy central have created a generation of performers who live within the margins of tightly rehearsed scripted monologues, easily lifted out of the live scene and slotted into a broadcast recording.

I believe comedy has to make a virtue of your direct connection to the audience; in a live performance, you’re both in the space place at the same time. Anything could happen. At a moment’s notice you could throw your entire body at them. You won’t. You shouldn’t. But that fear is what makes live performance so exhilarating. So why are we geared to perform to the fourth wall like it’s the lens of a camera?

Answer: You don’t. Please stop infact.


Scrubbing Your Brain Of Received Wisdom

Success Is Poison

Language Is Almost Completely Useless

Comedy Is Just Magic But With More Apologising

(Disclaimer: This is all flavour text to sell you the vibe. The actual workshop has quite straight-forward section names and moves in a logical fashion between moments of instruction, group discussion and creative exercises.)

Entry to the event is charged at a non-refundable deposit of £18 plus booking fee. At the end of the session you will then pay what you choose, all of which goes directly to Sean.

The deposit covers venue costs and includes a soft drink and a meal at the pub in the form of a hearty sandwich and side, which you will select on the day. If you have any dietary needs, please inform us and we will ensure they are accounted for.


Sean Morley

Sean Morley appearing at this event

Sean Morley is a innovative absurdist comedian who lives in a rented maisonette owned by Miss Great Britain 1972. He is the inventor of the enigma that is The Glang Show and is one 18th of the underground brutalist comedy art collective Consignia. Sean has performed for Magid Magid The Lord Mayor of Sheffield and was listed as "One To Watch" in the in-store O2 magazine.

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