Kenny Process Team


This event has been and gone.

Album Launch

Kenny Process Team kick off the new year with a show to launch their album "Travlin' Light With... Kenny Process Team". Recorded live back in 1998, its progression to vinyl has been a long one but it's finally made it, thanks to the sound judgment and boundless generosity of the Vacilando '68 label.

KPT regrouped and reconstituted back in October 2018, with a show to celebrate the memory of former guitarist Simon King. The joy of rediscovering old tunes led to the spawning of newer ones; plenty of both will be performed at this very special show.

The ever youthful KJ Adams brings his one-man band to the party, with a set of songs that rebound between joyful whimsy and melancholy beauty. The night kicks off with The Happy Couple; their exquisite instrumentals rooted deep in the East Anglian landscape will also be getting a vinyl release on Vacilando '68 later in the year.

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