Odd Box Weekender - 5th Birthday Bash!


This event has been and gone.

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Manhattan Love Suicides

Manhattan Love Suicides appearing at this event

Fuzzed up guitar assaults, feedback, female vocals and melodic pop meets ear-slitting minimalist noise.

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Tyrannosaurus Dead

Tyrannosaurus Dead appearing at this event

A five piece band from Brighton that make melodic, fuzzed out, noise pop.

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Sock Puppets

They're noisy. They've got bags of tunes. They're super awesome. They were the best band at this years Indietracks Festival. They're f***ing loud (Did I say that already?). Their EP on Odd Box Records has nearly sold out.

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The Wendy Darlings

Catchy indiepop three-piece from Clermont-Ferrand, in central France. They like fuzzy guitars, punchy drums and short songs. Garage/punk meets pure pop songs.

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The Sweet Nothings

The Sweet Nothings appearing at this event

Led by singer-songwriter Pete Green, The Sweet Nothings shimmer with sparkly nuggets of indiepop. Fiercely pop. Fiercely socialist.

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Rocker appearing at this event

Dandelion Radio DJ, playing a mix of indie and soul gems.

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