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Boris appearing at this event

Boris is a Japanese experimental rock band that combines different music genres including drone metal, sludge metal, noise rock, psychedelic rock, ambient and pop. Currently, the band consists of drummer-vocalist Atsuo, bassist-guitarist-vocalist Takeshi, and guitarist-vocalist Wata.

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Envy (Japan)

Envy (Japan) appearing at this event

Since 1992, Envy have been melting minds and amps and have come to dominate the independent hard-core scene in Japan. Their music, through their own evolution, encompasses a sound where intensity and beauty coexists. In short, a band that truly has their own sound.

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Arabrot appearing at this event

Noise oriented post punk rock from Norway, think Melvins / Jesus Lizard. While orthodoxy and predictably has taken its toll on the once so exciting Norwegian Black Metal scene, a quite different breed of metal is establishing itself in the northern outpost of our civilisation. At the forefront of a scene boiling with sludgy and industrial metal is Arabrot, a band that are now about to represent for the young generation what the sum of Melvins, Throbbing Gristle and Swans was to the generation before them.

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Svalbard appearing at this event

Untamed melodic alt hardcore from Bristol.

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Oval Space

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