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GONG appearing at this event

From its beginnings in a French commune in 1967, through the Virgin Records years, mismanagement, court cases, break-ups and rejoining, deaths and rebirths – GONG has always been a continuous thread of beautiful, dangerous and extraordinary music. The current holders of the flame have come together over the last seven years; sinuous bass player Dave Sturt joined just as the album 2032 was shown to the world; Ian ‘Eastwinds’ East was the next to blow in through the portal; Fabio Golfetti brought his guitars from Brazil (after working with Daevid for many years); Kavus Torabi appeared to Daevid in a vision; Cheb Nettles just sort of turned up. GONG's musically diverse world includes shades of psychedelia, space rock, jazz, avant-garde, krautrock and surreal soundscapes.

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Tim Smith's Spratleys Japs

Tim Smith's Spratleys Japs appearing at this event

One of the more enigmatic branches of the Cardiacs family, it has been suggested that Spratleys Japs were an entirely fictional band. Following the unhappy double stroke of dear Tim Smith, it was thought that we would never see the Japs ever perform live. However this collection of affectionate friends and former band members do him proud.

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