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Choker appearing at this event

Michigan-based Choker's sound falls into a gap between pop, indie, and R&B but exudes creativity as it floats through different artistic spaces. Though his vocals are often likened to Frank Ocean, as it seems most successful male R&B vocalists of a similar style are, Choker deserves to be discussed as a storm of his own. Choker’s name doesn’t match his music, a purposeful move according to his 2017 interview with Complex. He explained, “Choker stems from the energy and mystique surrounding old metal acts. It sounds like some spin kick mosh sh*t or a band that gets banned from venues for assaulting security. I wanted a name that clashes with the type of music I make.”

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  • 1-3 Amhurst Road
  • Hackney
  • London
  • E8 1LL

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