The Gallery Presents

The Gallery Presents

at Ministry of Sound, London

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Hernan Cattaneo

Hernan Cattaneo appearing at this event

Possibly the most respected DJ in South America who has a distinctive sound that draws on 80's Chicago house and progressive European house influences.

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Guy J

Guy J appearing at this event

Along with a handful of his fellow countrymen, the Israeli is now at the forefront of a movement towards the melody-rich and emotionally charged roots of the House music spectrum. Guy’s productions have earned praise for their tight, driving beats, shimmering, warm synths and blossoming, journey like arrangements. Straddling the lively, timeless space between ambient, house, techno and electronica he constantly maintains a melodic and highly emotive core to his music.

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John 'Quivver' Graham

John Graham started his production career in the early 1990s, and has been a household name within the electronic music scene ever since. He is best known as Quivver, but has invented a host of other monikers, including Space Manoeuvres, Stoneproof, Skanna and Tilt, each representing a different shade of his eclectic production sound and each giving an idea of his true versatility.

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Gavyn Mytchel

An up and coming DJ who has been connected with Turnmills since 2000.

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King Roc

King Roc adds a sense of drama playing the music he describes as 'music digital pimps and dirty girls'. He shot to fame after his tune 'Electro Disco Tease' which he recorded in collaboration with Tom Neville under the Silver Sonic name, became a world-class anthem.

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Tania Von Pear

Tania Von Pear appearing at this event

Turnmills resident Tania von Pear - one girl on a mission to rock the world's more discerning dancefloors and produce quality music that stands the test of time.

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Rick Maia

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Tobie Allen

House DJ from Bootleg Social.

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Seb Rumore

DJ specialising in big vocal house, classic remakes, tribal, tech and techno.

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Also Appearing

Jordi Sanchez, Ceaser Ruiz, Joe Campbell, Savage, Tel P, Bluesoul, My Mate Bass, Dave Coleman, Leroy Taylor, Lauren Lyon

Ministry of Sound (MOS)

103 Gaunt Street