Roxy Rawson

at Green Note, London

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Roxy Rawson

Classically-trained musician with a unique blend of impish violin vocals. Edgy anti-folk with a violin, compared to the likes of Joanna Newsom and Regina Spektor.

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Mondrian (a.k.a. Tom and Stu) takes the listener (a.k.a. you) on a multi-layered journey using a modular synth, an array of effects pedals and looped vocals and viola. Expect an experimental and improvised long-form piece or two to ease you into the night.

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Lunatraktors appearing at this event

‘Broken folk’ duo Lunatraktors fuse body percussion, harmonic singing, tap-dance and live looping to create dark, playful re-workings of the folk archive.

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Green Note

  • 106 Parkway
  • Camden
  • London
  • NW1 7AN

0207 485 9899
Disabled Booking:
0207 485 9899