Pre-Peace Day Party

Pre-Peace Day Party

at Fest Camden, London

This event has been and gone.


Guest DJs

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Akayzia is a London based singer songwriter who performs poignant tales of modern city life. Her artfully delivered songs are hard to pigeonhole. She draws from influences such as Grand Master Flash, Pavement, Dinosaur Junior, Blind Lemon Jefferson and Sonic Youth. She is quickly developing a strong musical identity, traversing from sensitive vocals to red-blooded riffs, through subtle distortions, Akayzia mesmerises her audience. With a fair number of shows, club nights and even a newly set-up fanzine, Akayzia shows urban life through her lens and does not hesitate to reveal through her music her sometimes dark life experience.

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Lewis Parker

Legend of the UK leftfield and recording artist for Melankolic and Low Life records. 'Lewis Parker is pushing Hip-Hop forward, and providing an inspiration for the next generation of British MCs, a blueprint for future music. 'Parker's lyricism and delivery are pinpoint. No appropriated London accents, no arrogant swagger, this is all about hard-hitting intelligence'-

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Kamila Thompson

Delivering sweet, witty, folksy fare with a gritty blues edge.

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Also Appearing

Jessie, Kerli

Fest Camden

The Horse Hospital, Stables Market
Chalk Farm Road, Camden Town

Fest Camden image © Proud Gallery