The London Spring Antifolk Festival 2013

at 12 Bar Club, London

This event has been and gone.

The first proper AntiFolk festival in London for 6 months features the usual mix of Antifolk stalwarts and newcomers.
7:35 The Sound of the Antler
8:00 Wildflowers
8:30 Candythief
9:10 Simon Breed
9:50 Aniara
10:30 Corporal Machine
11:10 Trond K & The Serious Issues
11:50 The Missing Leech
12:30 3 Chords and a Lie
1:10 Shit
2:00 Hello Babies

Please note that the artists appearing may be subject to change.



Wildflowers appearing at this event

Hailing from the West Country, Siddy and sister Kit Bennett were raised by nomadic parents. Always on the move, being raised on boats, farms, in caravans and often on protest camps, the Bennett sisters have been strongly influenced both musically and morally by their bohemian upbringing. Influence’s from Johnny Cash to The Clash, Patsy Cline to Sublime, meant that Siddy’s youth was spent listening to the very best Country and Punk artists. Known for her freewheeling, flower strewn, verbal dexterity, she enjoys singing from dusk till dawn at festivals and parties and even on the beach!

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Candythief appearing at this event

Candythief is singer-songwriter Diana de Cabarrus, who first emerged in association with Fence records. Drawing on alternative, folk, psych pop and indie influences, the songs are melody-driven and coloured by unusual song structures. Themes often deals in an uplifting way with the possibility that modern culture has sold us a bit of a lemon. On record and live, Candythief supplies an invigoratingly vital alternative version of the female singer songwriter.

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Simon Breed

Simon Breed is a cult singer-songwriter and veteran of tour supports with bands such as The Bad Seeds and Magic Numbers. 'Darkly powerful, eloquent… melodically beautiful, lyrically barbed. Simon Breed exposes ragged-edged emotions against an intense yet melodic backdrop' - Time Out.

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Corporal Machine & The Bombers

A six piece cockney folk punk band from the Essex area, featuring a tuba alongside your standard guitar, bass, drums and vocal sound. Like Madness having a fight with Chas'n'Dave.

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Also Appearing

The Sound Of Antler, Aniara, The Missing Leech, Trond K & The Serious Issues, 3 Chords and a Lie, Hello Babies, Sh*t

12 Bar Club

  • 203 Holloway Road
  • London
  • N7 8DL