The Rapture

at 100 Club, London

This event has been and gone.

10 years of DFA Records

Converse and 100 Club are extremely excited to announce The Rapture, Yacht and Prinzhorn Dance School for the November date of their curated series at the legendary London music venue, celebrating 10 years of DFA Records.

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The Rapture

The Rapture appearing at this event

After releasing their international dance floor hit House Of Jealous Lovers in 2002, there was no stopping The Rapture. They pioneered the disco-punk sound and led the way in the indie-dance revolution. Electro-clash met punk, funk and jazz with lashings of classic dance-floor grooves and beats to make you boogie. After disappearing for nearly a decade, The Rapture return in 2020.

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Yacht is Jona Bechtolt - formerly one half of The Blow. Yacht are an amalgamation of self-taught dance moves and anthemic electro-power jams all played backwards and covered in cherry cola.

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Prinzhorn Dance School

Prinzhorn Dance School appearing at this event

Their sparse, original and uncompromising sound can provoke opinion and controversy, with their debut release causing them to be labeled 'the least commercially viable group ever signed to a major label' by The Guardian.

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100 Club

  • 100 Oxford Street
  • London
  • W1D 1LL

0207 636 0933
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