at Unity Theatre, Liverpool

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3 extracts of new work. 1 night. Come and witness exciting work from across Europe in clown, bouffant and physical theatre. Featuring; Teatro Pomodoro, Madame Señorita and the Reetta Honkakoski Company.

Teatro Pomodoro - Fish Out Of Water: A Shipwrecked Odyssey

Blends clown, live music and dark comedy to playfully turn Ancient Greece upside down. Welcome to a world where the Sirens are the unsung heroines and Odysseus can never find his way home.

After 'Cabaret From The Shadows' went from Physical Fest 2016 to become a Brighton Fringe 2017 award winner, touring nationally and internationally, Teatro Pomodoro have brought in Petra Massey to help devise this new show.

Madame Señorita - Paula Valluerca (Spain)

Espousa is the attempt of a clown to find and experience Perfect Romantic Love. Although her interpretation of that might be slightly different than what we would all expect... Paula Valluerca an award-winning theatre maker and comedic performer trained in LISPA and in clowning with Phillipe Gaullier, Dr. Brown & Nikole Kehberger.

Hypnagogia - Reetta Honkakoski Company (Finland)

A girl, three bears and the power of imagination: this is a disjointed tale of growing up in a society run by men.

Set in the surreal state between waking and sleep, this hypnotic show explores the subversive capacity of the subconscious in transforming our world.

The company, known for their exquisitely intense shows, collaborate with a talented international cast of Corporeal Mime actors. this October at Jacksons Lane in London.

Unity Theatre

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