Luisa Miller

Luisa Miller

at Glyndebourne Opera House, Lewes

Village girl Luisa has fallen in love with the mysterious stranger ‘Carlo’. But Carlo is really Rodolfo, son of the scheming Count Walter, who has much more ambitious plans for his only child’s bride. Kidnap, blackmail and murder follow, in a tragedy fuelled by jealousy and desire.

Luisa Miller marks the end of the young Verdi’s ‘years in the galleys’ and the beginning of the composer’s maturity. An intimate domestic drama, rich in human detail and emotion, it shares not just its themes of love, family and class conflict with Rigoletto and La traviata, but also their memorable musical language. From village dances to courtly conspiracies, Verdi paints a broad musical canvas, climaxing in some of the most striking ensembles and finales the composer would ever create.

Christof Loy directs Glyndebourne’s first ever production of Verdi’s tragedy, and Enrique Mazzola conducts.

Glyndebourne Opera House


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