The Wolf, The Duck & The Mouse


This event has been and gone.

Theatre for young children - recommended 3 - 7

Inside a modern fairytale...

One day Mouse is gobbled up by a wolf. "Oh woe" says Mouse, who fears this must be the end. But then we discover Duck, who was, until Mouse arrived, taking a nap.

As it turns out, it's pretty nice living inside the belly of the beast with a new friend. There's delicious food, dancing and - better still - no more fear of being eaten!

Meanwhile, outside in the forest, things aren't quite as rosy for Wolf who is being stalked by a hunter. Realising their fates are intertwined, Duck and Mouse hatch a winning plan...

This New Perspectives and Unicorn production brings Mac Barnett and Jon Klassen's brilliantly subversive picture book to life live on stage. Join Wolf, Duck and Mouse on a fearless adventure which finds joy and friendship in the darkest and most unusual of places.

Foxlowe Arts Centre

  • Market Place
  • Leek
  • ST13 6AD

01538 386112