These Are End Times

at The Smokehouse, Ipswich

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Album Launch

The Doomed Bird of Providence

The Doomed Bird of Providence appearing at this event

The Doomed Bird of Providence started out in London in 2009 as a means for Mark Kluzek to write songs about early colonial times in Australia. Kluzek, who had moved from Australia and been living in the UK for some years had read The Fatal Shore by Robert Hughes, a history of convict Australia. His first couple of songs were loosely based on characters in the aforementioned book. Over a period of years a variety of musicians joined Kluzek to perform and record these and other songs. Their most recent release, the album ‘Burrowed Into The Soft Sky’ marks a fairly radical shift for the band, it being an all instrumental affair, and has received significant critical acclaim. ‘… an album that has Doomed Bird break out of the comfort zone that the forms of primeval folk music have afforded them. The result of their experimentation being the assemblage of various styles and genres; in various moments, the music is soothing and folksy, then stark and minimal, before becoming filthy and debased noise rock. But despite the change of approach towards the music, there is still no change in the worldview that has always been at the forefront of Kluzek and Doomed Bird’s minds; to pick open the scab and scratch and the scars of Australian history, to reveal in a way that mere word struggle to express, the ugly stain of colonialist actions and drives that no amount of whitewashing can clean away’ – The Quietus.

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Also Appearing

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The Smokehouse

  • International House
  • 6 South Street
  • Ipswich
  • IP1 3NU