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'Lavishly Orchestrated Symphonic Rock' hailing from London, Serpentyne was created in London in 2010 by founder members Maggiebeth Sand and M. Powell.

The band supported Tarja and Stratovarious on their major tour A Nordic Symphony 18, with 22 dates across Europe last October. Serpentyne combine a unique mix of symphonic and folk metal styles, with themed songs about historical figures and legends, such as Boudicca, The Valkyries, Viking Blood, Helen Of Troy, Jeanne d' Arc, and The Dark Queen, amongst many others.

Described by Mike Lepond from Symphony-X as 'The best at Progressive Symphonic Metal' and with a US label 'M-Theory Audio' record deal under their belts, Scardust are thrilled to be preparing for their UK festival debut on the 'Prog in the Park stage' at the Ramblin' Man Fair, on Saturday 20th July.

Patty Gurdy
The Hurdy-Gurdy is not only embedded in her name, but her music is directly translated from her mind into the green wooden body. Patty Gurdy has established herself as a versatile artist, singer and songwriter.



Serpentyne appearing at this event

Imagine a blend of mediaeval songs and dance tunes with new-world psychedelia, rock and dance... songs in Occitan, Old English and Latin with a combination of ancient and modern instruments, that will first uplift you, then get you down onto the dance floor… Since 2010, Maggie Sand and Serpentyne have been taking their music to a growing band of followers at UK and European folk, rock and mediaeval festivals. Events at which they've performed include the Elfo Festivals (Holland), Wave Gotik Treffen (Germany), Largentière Festival (France), Sidmouth Folk Festival (England), and all of the main UK mediaeval festivals.

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