The Dutty Moonshine Big Band

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Big Love Festival

Possibly the Uk's friendliest music festival held in an amazing mansion house in the Welsh countryside. Three days and nights of music in a glorious setting. Indoor and outdoor stages and music till 5am!

There's so much more to Big Love than just music, with woodland raves, free indoor showers and swimming pool, outstanding food options, ridiculous daytime activities, and some amazing accommodation options.

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The Dutty Moonshine Big Band

The Dutty Moonshine Big Band appearing at this event

A 13 strong live act comprising an 8-piece brass section, live drums and piano, as well as the vocal talents of Hypeman Sage and Maria Laveau. A long term dream that has finally come to fruition, the Big Band oozes the smokey atmosphere of a 1930s Speakeasy, brought crashing into the 21st Century with an array of gritty synths and bass.

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Too Many T's

Too Many T's appearing at this event

A unique funky style of full fat beats, stirred in with two heaps of sugary fresh raps, comical swagger and the distinct fragrance of golden era hip hop. And your favourite biscuit too.

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Junior Bill

Junior Bill appearing at this event

Junior Bill have been here all along. Surveying their world from atop a suburban overpass, or a forlorn back alley, they are the eyes and ears of urban Britain. Their witty provincial tales eulogise forgotten peoples, spin empathic character portraits and tell the everyday stories of contemporary city life. The tunes themselves are catchy as hell. Pretty playground limericks, latin melodies and chanted refrains rattle round the skull, distracting you from the often tragic subtexts of division, decline and gentrification familiar to any British city-dweller. The music is hugely danceable too. Dubby basslines and concrete grooves underpin a ska-tinged global-local collage of sound. It's a blend that makes them the natural torch-bearers of a vein of Jamaican-influenced British songwriting running from Jerry Dammers to Jamie T. When frontman Rob Nichols and keyboardist Joel Beswick met at Cathays Community Centre in Cardiff at the tilt of their teenage years, they never expected to take the band to where it is now. Whilst keeping allegiance to the humble community centre, the youth club loiterers have grown into electric and brilliant showmen who are regulars at the likes of Boomtown Fair and Nozstock and have toured with Danny Goffey (Supergrass). They've got the home crowd on side, with support and airplay from BBC Radio Wales, jam-packed local gigs and a Cardiff Music Award. Now's the time for that support to spread nationwide. "Everybody's talking about Junior Bill... a genuine grassroots feel, instantly" - Tom Robinson

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Fullee Love

Fullee Love appearing at this event

Hip-hop royalty, Soup from Jurassic 5, with his own full live band! Performing his own original soul-funk, R&B focused songs with an injection of hip-hop, along with performing Jurassic 5’s favourite hit tracks (including What’s Golden, Concrete Schoolyard).

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Dr Meaker

Dr Meaker appearing at this event

Dr Meaker started their journey as a Bristol based sound system comprising of electronic and acoustic musicians. The band soon built up a strong following and quickly gained the attention of the BBC resulting in a play of their popular track ‘Rubber Gloves’ on Rob da Bank’s BBC Radio 1 show.

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Dr Syntax

Dr Syntax appearing at this event

Miopic visionary, skilled rap artist, and currently a full-time B Boy making noise. You might see him popping up for the obligatory guest verse with the legendary Foreign Beggars, or sharing the stage in your local old man's pub with comedic genius Stig Of The Dump, he's also a solo artist in his own right.

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Gardna appearing at this event

The Bristol lyricist on a Dubwise tip. His latest release - Sunday with producer Kreed - has been widely regarded as his best single yet. Toddla T, Seani B & Don Letts are amongst a list of tastemakers who are supporting his work on BBC Radio. Gardna has been embraced across the UK Bass scene and the European Sound System circuit as an artist with a fresh approach to promoting a positive message whilst shelling down the party.

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Kioko appearing at this event

Kioko are a group of like-minded, multicultural musicians from the UK who have embarked on a journey to bring people their own brand of reggae-pop.

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Aleighcia Scott

Cardiff-born pop singer whose influences include reggae, soul, gospel and funky house amongst others. Aleighcia is a regular voice on Radio Cardiff and has toured the UK as part of the Real Deal Comedy jam.

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Dub Boy

Dub Boy appearing at this event

Bristol's own dub spreader of Ruffnek Diskotec / Steak House fame.

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Future Dub Orchestra

Bristol’s Future Dub Orchestra are committed to pushing the musical boundaries,and constantly take their sound in new directions. Citing influences as diverse as Dub, Electronica, Jazz, Reggae, Classical and Film Music, the uniting theme is the Bass heavy dub vibe.

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Rachel K Collier

Rachel K Collier appearing at this event

A one-woman electronic production machine and die-hard Ableton enthusiast, Collier is known for using a multi-instrument technical setup to enable her to perform her song-focused, high-energy studio productions in a live setting. A grade 8 pianist with a distinctive voice and innovative output, Collier studied Creative Music Technology at the Royal Welsh College of Music & Drama, where she spent her time studying composition, sound design and writing and recording music and songs in many different genres. “A unique talent for intelligent electronic production and head-turning vocals place artist Rachel K Collier in a league of her own. Combining complex beat programming, technical arrangement and meaningful lyric writing –her one-of a-kind sound is hard to define.” Ibiza Voice (Oct 2016).

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Darren Eedens

Darren Eedens is a full time banjo/ guitar picker in the bluegrass folk, roots, rockabilly styles both on the road and in the studio Currently playing solo as well as for Mikey Chuck Rivers, The Old Salts, Midway After Dark, Lily Frost and more. An old soul with the imagination of a child, darren eedens tells stories, bends truths, and creates upbeat rhythmic tracks with hauntingly morbid lyrics. With his many influences ranging from the folk and bluegrass pickers of the past, he uses his unique and powerful voice to captivate anyone within earshot.

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Neil Navarra

DJ with Miss Moneypenny's.

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Dusty Fingers

Swedish female folk duo.

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Count Bassy

From Latin to Afro via House, Hip-Hop, Drum’n’Bass and beyond, Count Bassy is never short of beats to make you move your feet! Shaking dancefloors from Glastonbury to Bestival and in clubs across London, his sets are all about good vibes and big tunes, with a healthy dose of bass of course.

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Also Appearing

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