Who Am I?

at LV21, Gillingham

This event has been and gone.

An evening combining live dance, music and movement aboard historic light vessel 21.

'Who Am I?' looks at notions of displacement, identity and migration and is an exploration of the body as memory within an intrinsic landscape of music.

With the launch of her debut album, 'Who Am I?' Sunara Begum embarks on her first national UK tour with performances across the country, bringing this evocative new show aboard LV21 in Gravesend, Kent on Thursday 12 March 2020.

About the artists:
Sunara Begum is a visual-anthro-mythologist and performance artist who uses movement and film to question how cultures inform identities and notions of self. Her layered art-forms are studies for exploring personal cultural histories that stitch together personally relevant imagery. Sunara Begum was born to Bangladeshi parents and was raised in London. Her journey as an artist has been unconventional, trained as a filmmaker her path meandered through disciplines before leading her to her current place of focus and purpose.

Begum's works are at once a personal journey through the discovery of identity, and a journey in redefining the politics of place. At the root of her works she also explores the emotional power of the unconscious and what it means to be a woman.

Tunde Jegede is an internationally renowned kora player, cellist and composer, whose soul-stirring music blends the ebb and flow of traditional kora-playing with his own dynamic contemporary compositions. His unique cultural inheritance has informed his work as a composer and multi- instrumentalist, creating links between European classical music and that of Africa. Tunde Jegede is the founder of several ensembles including the Art Ensemble of Lagos and the African Classical Music Ensemble. He is also the curator of Living Legacies, Gambia's first traditional music archive, and the director of New Horizons Africa, an annual season of global concerts as well as an educational initiative to develop young musicians in Nigeria.

Yumino Seki is a Japanese dance artist and Butoh practitioner based in St Leonards-on-Sea. Collaborating with artists from diverse disciplines has given her a broad approach to her movement practice, Seki's work crosses the boundaries of dance, performance art and installation. Her interest is in the authenticity of the temporal body and is often site responsive and improvised in nature. Her practice is informed by the cultural depth and diversity of both the UK and Japan. Seki's development in her movement has been a gradual exploration of both her collective and self-identity.

About the venue:
*Cash / card paybar onboard.
*Under 18 year olds must be accompanied by a responsible adult.
*Access onboard the ship is via steep staircases. Please wear flat, non-slip shoes. Please contact LV21 if you would like to discuss access restrictions in more detail.


Tunde Jegede

Tunde Jegede appearing at this event

A young composer of African descent who has two classical musical worlds to call his own, performing on the cello and the kora, a West African harp-lute.

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Sunara Begum

Visual artist who lives and works in London. Brought up in the traditions of her native Bangladesh, within culturally and ethnically diverse inner city areas in London, Sunara's own personal experience is one of profound self-exploration and search for identity. Being British, Muslim and from an Asian background puts her in a unique position to appreciate the issues surrounding cultural identities and alienation.

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Also Appearing

Yumino Seki


  • Pier Approach Road
  • Gillingham
  • ME7 1RX