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Rodrigo Y Gabriela

Rodrigo Y Gabriela appearing at this event

Mexican-born guitar virtuosos playing a unique mix of Latin rhythms, Celtic lyricism, jazz, pop and the odd heavy metal riff. Rodrigo Sanchez and Gabriela Quintero have been playing together for more than fifteen years. First as young thrash metal fans in their native Mexico City, then as innocents abroad and street musicians in Dublin, Ireland at the turn of the millennium, and finally as the globe-straddling, film-scoring, record-breaking artists they are today. Known for exhilarating live shows, Rodrigo y Gabriela have won the hearts of music lovers from the haciendas of Cuba to the Hollywood Bowl and festival fields of Europe, as they continue to weave their unique six-string magic. The extraordinary interplay between Sanchez's fiery lead lines and Quintero's phenomenal rhythmic battery is truly universal.

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Gizmo Varillas

Gizmo Varillas appearing at this event

Gizmo Varillas has emerged on the scene, to much critical acclaim. Combining his gentle vocal, haunting BVs with Latin, reggae and flamenco guitar rhythms he brings a refreshing groove and take on the current singer songwriter genre that he calls “Dark Tropical.”

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