Stagfest 2020

at The Mothers' Ruin, Bristol

This event has been and gone.

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As you know, live music is off the table at the moment. So, we are going to have a bash at Stagfest on the 5th of June via the wonderful world of the internet.

Performances will come from True Strays, Aaron Jonah Lewis, Clayton Blizzard, Rob Heron & The Tea Pad Orchestra, The Love Handles, Mother Vulture, The King Dukes, The New America, El Nico, Joe Strouzer, Fräulein, and November Bees.

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Aaron J. Lewis

Old time Appalachian music.

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Clayton Blizzard

Clayton Blizzard appearing at this event

Clayton Blizzard is a writer, singer, poet, musician and performer from Thornbury, Bristol, who expertly fuses together folk, punk and hip-hop, combined with genius lyrics laced with sardonic wit.

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The Love Handles

Perpetual indie with a scruffy haircut, pioneering razor sharp guitar driven-off-a-cliff noise sandwiches.

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Joe Strouzer

Harmonica player, blues shouter, guitar picker and freight train impersonator.

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PBA appearing at this event

PBA is a post electro artist from South Wales. Combining a blend of experimental synth sounds, drums and heavy guitars, PBA brings a fresh unique sound. His debut E.P. “Cursed” is set for release in early 2020.

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Also Appearing

The New America, November Bees

The Mothers' Ruin

  • 7-9 St Nicholas Street
  • Bristol
  • BS1 1UE