Scotland Calling 2020

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This show was rescheduled from 25th April.


The Cockney Rejects

The Cockney Rejects appearing at this event

Originally formed in 1978, this English punk band have had hits including 'Oi, Oi, Oi', the inspiration for the Oi! music genre, and 'I'm Forever Blowing Bubbles', a song traditionally sung by West Ham supporters. The lyrics of their songs often depict violence and express contempt for politicians. The band went their seperate ways in 1990, to reform again with a slightly altered line-up in 1999.

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The Dickies

The Dickies appearing at this event

Ultra-fast and outrageously energetic post-punk band whose chart success included covers of 'Knights in White Satin', Black Sabbath's 'Paranoid' and the theme from 'Banana Splits'.

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Steve Ignorant

Steve Ignorant appearing at this event

Co-founder of the anarcho-punk band Crass with Penny Rimbaud in 1977.

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UK Subs

UK Subs appearing at this event

There’s not many bands that have the respect of EVERYONE on the punk scene. But Charlie Harpers UK SUBS is that exception. Formed in 1976, the mainstay of the band has been vocalist Charlie Harper, originally a singer in Britain's R&B scene (now venerated as the godfather of UK punk) the band has continued and thrived. 2010 marked the fifth decade in which the U.K. Subs had continually graced the Punk Rock scene, widely recognised as one of the most consistently and visibly successful punk bands - they maintain and pioneer the true spirit of punk rock, without the compromise and watering-down that has affected so many of their contemporaries.

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Anti Nowhere League

Anti Nowhere League appearing at this event

An infamous group of hardcore punk rock anarchists, Anti Nowhere League have been living the punk lifestyle for over two decades. Lead singer Animal and his friend Magoo formed the band in 1980, and promptly got arrested at their very first gig. The history of the League is littered with brushes with the law, rock and roll misbehaviour and very loud music. There have been band break-ups and reformations aplenty, but Animal and his chums can be found plying their wares to this very day.

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Subhumans appearing at this event

Anarchist punk legends from the 80s.

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Argy Bargy

In-yer-face 70s Oi! punk band.

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Gimp Fist

Gimp Fist appearing at this event

North East three-piece influenced by Minor Threat with deep street punk roots.

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Dirt Box Disco

Dirt Box Disco appearing at this event

A five piece alternative / glam punk band from the Midlands.

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The DeRellas

The DeRellas appearing at this event

London glam-punksters The DeRellas. Reprobrate rock n roll with a cheeky wink to 70s glam rock.

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4 Past Midnight

4 Past Midnight appearing at this event

Scotland's favourite political punk band of 13 years.

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