Lords Of The Land Festival

Lords Of The Land Festival

at SWG3, Glasgow

This event has been and gone.

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This event was moved from The Barrowlands.


Electric Wizard

Electric Wizard appearing at this event

Doom metal from Dorset. 'The Wizards are prophets or a new era, preaching salvation and oblivion through mind melting riffs, savage drumming and psychedelic B-Movie imagery. It's raw, barbaric and with little or no consideration to modern production values' (Rise Above Records).

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A Swiss technical thrash metal band from Zurich. Coroner's music combines elements of thrash, progressive rock, jazz, and industrial metal with suitably gruff vocals.

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The Black Dahlia Murder

The Black Dahlia Murder appearing at this event

Heavier than heavy and darker than dark, The Black Dahlia Murder make hard, fast and furious music full of raw emotion, pure passion and the odd bit of screaming…Black metal at it's very best.

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Belphegor appearing at this event

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Rotting Christ

Much revered Greek extreme metal overlords, Rotting Christ were one of the first black metal bands in the region, forming back in '87 and going on to create the genre's Greek signature sound of the '90s.

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Anaal Nathrakh

Anaal Nathrakh appearing at this event

Anaal Nathrakh is a metal band formed in Birmingham, UK in 1999 that fuse industrial and grindcore elements into an underlying black metal style. The band is signed to Feto Records, which is run by Anaal Nathrakh's Mick Kenney and Shane Embury (Napalm Death / Brujeria / Lock up / Venomous Concept). Ultra heavy, nasty nasty hell noise grind. Yeah! Yeah! Yeah!

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Akercocke appearing at this event

Towering above the vast majority of nefarious contemporary noisemakers, Akercocke erupted across the consciousness of the UK metal scene in the late ‘90s, wielding a fiendishly inventive blend of death, black and progressive metal that confounded and delighted in equal measure.

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Winterfylleth appearing at this event

Winterfylleth is an English black-metal band, from the Manchester area. Since their inception in 2007, the band has released three studio albums and have become a popular act in both the English underground metal scene and the wider international metal arena. Winterfylleth is often considered to be musical 'brothers-in-arms' with fellow English black metal band Wodensthrone owing to the common lyrical and aesthetic themes they share.

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100 Eastvale Place
G3 8QG

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