London Mela

London Mela

at Southall Park, London

This event has been and gone.

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The 2019 The London Mela, a colourful kaleidoscope of music, dance and culture will return to Southall Park, the very heart of Europe’s oldest Asian community, after a hugely successful event in 2018. This year marks the festival’s 17th gathering and is set to be an absolute classic.

Melas originate from the Indian sub continent. The word Mela comes from the sanskrit "to meet" and is related to "milana" the verb to tune. It is commonly used to describe a large gathering of people celebrating artistic, religious or political events - a fair or a festival.

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Main Stage

Saturday 31st August
Sunday 1st September

Love To Dance Stage

Outdoor Arts

Sunday 1st September

Southall Park

Boyd Avenue